Thursday, February 24, 2011

Legacy (Ganzfield #3) by Kate Kaynak

Legacy is the third book in the Ganzfield series by Kate Kaynak.  Legacy picks up where Adversary left off when Maddie passed out.  In Legacy we see a lot more from the supporting characters of Ganzfield and we get to know more about Trevor.  Maddie has been left with a crippling medical issue after her run in with Isaiah, super powerful psychopath extraordinaire, but can still communicate using her Minder powers.  Trevor is, of course, at her side the entire time.  The Ganzfield community is growing as G- positives from all over the country are coming to stay until it is deemed safe to go back out into the world.  Isaiah is currently rampaging the US, killing G-positives and their families from one corner of the country to another.  But why is he attacking them and who is most at risk?  When Trevor's birth father is killed, Trevor and Maddie travel to warn what is left of Trevor's birth family that danger may be headed there way.  Maddie wonders which she should be more afraid of on the trip: running into Isaiah or meeting Trevor's grandparents. 

I loved this latest book in the Ganzfield series!  It was a great read on a really emotional level.  We got to see how the G-positives at Ganzfield try to cope with love and loss in a time of crisis.  Maddie may have a super awful medical issue, but after a chapter or two, you forget that she is speaking with her mind for the entirety of the book.  I'm a HUGE Trevor fan so I really appreciated getting to see more of his past in this book.  We learn about his birth, his childhood and where his Telekinesis probably came from.  It was great to see Maddie and Trevor make the journey to see his grandparents together and to watch Maddie stand by her man.  Trevor totally deserves her love and devotion.  Zack is back in this book and better than ever.  He pulls off an AMAZING mission with Maddie and the team AND he gets a start on his happily ever after.  Yay!  Dr. Williamson also brings his niece back to Ganzfield and encourages her to start taking the dodecamine again.  This made for some EPIC scenes with Maddie and Ann conversing both about being Minders.  I enjoyed watching Ann grow as a Minder by learning from Maddie.  Maddie has been a Minder for a shorter period of time but she has learned most of her skills on her own.  They come to her as she sees them in someone else's head or simply through trial and error.  One of the things that Maddie teacher Ann is to shield, which Maddie herself learned from rooting around in Zack's mind when he first came to Ganzfield.  Ann and Zack also begin to fall for one another and Ann wonders if maybe this time she can avoid overloading if Zack acts as her "Trevor."  This means that maybe being able to focus on Zack can keep the noise level in her mind down to a low hum.  Now if only we could find a way to make Seth happy.  Yeah, that'll happen.  It was very cool to see so many Minders together in this book.  Overall, this is a great book for teens and adults alike and I think everyone should give the Ganzfield Series a chance. 

The next book in the series, Accused, is due out on August 15, 2011.  If you pre-order it from Spencer Hill Press, you will get a signed copy within a week of the release.  You can also learn more about Kate Kaynak and the Ganzfield books on Goodreads or her website and you can join the fan page on Facebook.

Legacy earns 5 Fairies for all around epicness.


Lindsay Cummings author said...

megan! you won one of the signed bookmarks on my contest! see my blog so i can get your mailing info! =]

Michele said...

I decided to read this one next Megan..I just started it!! Couldn't resist it when I got it in the mail this week!!!! WooT WooT!!!!

Megan said...

yay! Hope you like it michele! I love Trevor in all the books but this one fairly represented EVERYONE. :)

Disgruntled Bear said...

Thanks for reviewing, Megan!