Saturday, September 18, 2010

Book Review of When Ghosts Speak: Understanding the World of Earthbound Spirits By Mary Winkowski

This is the book written by the inspiration/consultant for the show "Ghost Whisperer," which I love. This book, however, was not what I expected. I find it really odd that every person who "sees/talks to dead people" has their own list of rules. I get that every person might have a gift within a specific group or whatever but it honestly gets weird when everyone's is different. Mary (who is from nearby Cleveland) has been seeing Earthboard Spirits from the age of two, just as her grandmother and a long line of female ancestors before here. She gives the following advice over the course of her book: do not talk to ghosts, do not invite them in, do not use Ouija boards, do not fling Holy Water around your home, and most of all- they must cross into the Light. She feels that she can not see spirits after they go into the light but she does know they are there. Also, she doesn't put much faith in technological gadgets to help you "find ghosts." Overall, this book was interesting but hard to reconcile with others I have read like Chris Woodyard and the Ghost Hunters book from SyFy. It did give me a great deal to think about. I read this in about a day so it is a quick read.

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