Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bran Hambric Books By Kaleb Nation

Last week I finished the book, Bran Hambric and the Farfield Curse by Kaleb Nation. This book was interesting on so many levels. In a way, the book is like fanfiction, in that you can see bits and pieces of the other books that inspired Kaleb but in a lot of ways, there is no other book like this that I have seen. That said, I don't read a lot of Lord of the Rings type fantasy books. You know, like the ones about mice or whatever that you see in Barnes and Noble. Anyway, this book is about a teenage boy named Bran who lives in the City of Dunce with his "adopted" family who aren't terribly nice to him. He was found at the age of 6 in a bank vault with no memory of his life- just a note in his hand stating his name and birthdate. Bran is a genuinely good guy who tries to help out however he can. He learns over the course of the book to question everything he has known while living in Dunce. Mainly, the No Gnomes and No Mages law. He comes to find out that he is a mage and that his mother had made some mistakes and been working for the wrong people. Bran also makes friends and finds some closure in regards to his mother as he goes through the story. You will see little tidbits that will remind you of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, the Inheritance Cycle, and a lot that is pure Kaleb. If you follow his channel on YouTube or his TwilightGuy and ShiverGuy blogs, you know what I mean. He is a genuine guy who is funny and easy to relate to. Kaleb lives in Arizona with his pet chinchilla, who is aptly named: Chilla. (My kids like to watch his YouTube videos just for a glimpse of Chilla, who literally has great taste in books!) Kaleb has reported from the Twilight Movie Red/Black Carpets, makes music videos and even shares personal pictures and funny videos through his many web outlets. If you don't know who he is- you should find out. Mark my words- Kaleb Nation is not going anywhere but up. Check out his YouTube channel and become a Nationeer by following him on Facebook and Twitter.

Now, if you are interested in owning a SIGNED copy of the new Bran Hambric book, you can go to Changing Hands Bookstore Online and order a HAND SIGNED copy of The Specter Key for regular price. If you live outside of Arizona, they will charge you to mail it but it is all well worth it in my opinion. You cand also go here to find out about the Bran Hambric Street Team Project.

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