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Cassandra Clare Week Day 3: City of Glass

Hi and welcome to Day 4! Today let's open things up with something I LOVE. There is a link off of Cassandra Clare's site to the Etsy shop of jewelry artist Viviane Hebel. She has an entire shop of the MOST AMAZING Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices inspired items. I am thinking that for Valentine's Day this year, as a gift for my husband, I will replace our old beat up wedding bands with these. I could spend so much money in her shop. Everything is really beautiful and it is all quality. Also, every purchase includes a donation to Reading Is Fundamental- a great charity! So, check it out!

Now, let's jump into City of Glass. The cover is again amazing. (Am I the only one who thinks that this cover is hotter than City of Bones??) The guy on the cover is not one of the characters that we've seen yet. Although, we do know OF him. Downside, he's the bad guy's side kick, henchman, whatever you want to call it. Not cool. In City of Glass, the Lightwoods travel to Idris, to the City of Alicante, to be precise. Simon gets pulled along with them while Clary is left behind. Angry at being left behind, Clary finds her own way there and Luke goes with her to try to keep her out of trouble- even though he really isn't allowed in Alicante. Oops. Clary and Jace fight a lot in this book but in the end ... well, they aren't fighting then. Simon is mistreated while in Alicante and he has to be rescued. Alec and Magnus have some great scenes together and apart. The characters of Aline and Sebastian are introduced. Clary spends time with Sebastian who turns out not to be who he claims to be. We finally see Clary's mom awake when she is brought out of her magical coma. Clary invents a new and very different rune that is made to be used on Downworlders, probably a first for the history of Runes. There is an epic battle and in this book we actually see two Real Angels. Very neat.

Why is this book my favorite of the three? Well, I love the way all of the characters central to the story have grown or changed. Alec is more fearless, Isabelle is a bit softer, Simon is more assured and less dependant on Clary, Jace is actually less of a jerk at the end and Clary's mom is not in a coma. It's also the book with the most mini-plots and the most mystery, in my opinion. I also loved getting proof of the Angels. It was pretty awesome. The love in this book is just out of bounds. There are some seriously romantic lines, some of them even coming out of Jace's mouth. It's kinda shocking. There is one scene that makes me super mad but let me explain a little about why. As a mom, a child's death will always feel wasteful and there is a scene with a small child's death in this book. It made me mad BUT I understand why it happened. In war, there are acts like this. Bad people don't care who they hurt as long as they get what they want. It's a hard lesson to swallow for sure. This book was also my husband's favorite of the three. I really loved this book and again, it comes highly recommended. I'll only give you one quote because almost all of them that I like are pretty spoiler-ish.

Jace likes to pretend that everyone isn't talking about him, even when he knows that they are.

The next book in the Mortal Instruments, City of Fallen Angels, marks a new trilogy within the series and the cover for City of Fallen Angels looks like this:

We have Clary looking at us and Simon looking away on the cover of COFA. I love it because if I had to pick a character crush in the MI books, it would be Simon. We will be seeing a lot more Simon in the next three books, and I am excited for that!!

Please come back tomorrow for a review of The Infernal Devices: Clockwork Angel and don't forget that the City of Bones Giveaway begins Friday!!

City of Glass earns 5 Fairies. 

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