Friday, February 11, 2011

Fun Friend Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!! Today for Fun Friend Friday I am featuring my sweet friend, Peachy and her store: Creative Sweet Peach.  I have one of her bracelets- it is amazing!  I love it.  But she does lots of different kinds of work: fabric covers for books and e-books, jewelry, dolls and tutus for dress up time!

My favorite of her jewelry offerings is her version of the Bella bracelet from Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer.  It is THE BEST version of the Bella bracelet that I have seen yet.  The wolf is beautifully carved and three dimensional.  The heart is HUGE and GORGEOUS!  The whole bracelet is well made and sturdy.  That's the best part of Peachy's work- everything is made to such high quality standards. 
Look at that and tell me it isn't awesome?!  Yeah, it's awesomeness speaks for itself. 

I also like her Kindle Covers!  I want to get one because they look like they would cushion the Kindle better than the store bought covers if you were going to put it in your bag or purse.  She has 3 different styles:
The book kind:

The Easel (so you can read hands free or it folds flat!):

And a basic sleeve:
So make sure you check out Creative Sweet Peach and check out her feedback from satisfied customers on Etsy!!! Seriously, GO NOW!  You'll be glad you did!


Veronica said...

What beautiful work!! I'm loving that bracelet!

Andrea said...

Super cute Kindle cover!

Andrea @ Reading Lark

Michele L said...

I love peachy's stuff!!!!! I need to get the Kindle cover!!