Friday, February 25, 2011

Fun Friend Friday!

Hey Guys and Gals!  It's another Fun Friend Friday!!  This week I want to feature my good friend Veronica of Mayangelstar blog and etsy shop.  She is sweet as can be and she is uber talented. I'll start with her blog.  Veronica blogs at MayAngelStar Blog and her posts are always fun, emotional and uplifting.  Her last one about her wedding was EPIC.  I cried when I read it.  For Real. 

You can also find Veronica on MayAngelStar Crochet- her brand new crochet site!  She has some cute blankets and hats for babies but my favorite thing is her Wool Longies.  I wish they came in a big enough size for my daughter.  She's tiny with no body fat to speak of and these adorable little pants look SO warm!  Here's my favorite pair in her store right now:
Aren't they awesome!?  I have never seen anything like them.  So, make sure you go check out Veronica's store and blog- you won't be disappointed! 


Michele L said...

Those pants are SO cute!!!!

Veronica said...

Thank you friend! You are so very sweet to me!

What size is your daughter:


That's all I would need to know to make her some ;)

Megan said...

:) AW! So sweet of you to offer, Veronica!! I'll have to get her to hold still so I can measure her.