Monday, March 14, 2011

Hold Me Closer, Necromancer by Lish Mc Bride

Hold Me Closer Necromancer came out back around Halloween and I heard a lot of good stuff about it so when I got my Kindle (Love you, Trevor the Kindle!), it was the first real book that I downloaded to read.  This book was sheer genius.  It was funny, scary, Scary Funny, it had romance, suspense and drama.  The world that Lish created is a lot like our own so it makes for a very real feeling as you read.  I loved that Sam, the main character, hero of the story and necromancer; works at a fast food place.  He is as normal as can be, you know, except for the part where he is a necromancer. 

Sam is a great main character because his narration is really funny and pretty astute.  He's such a fun main character and he really sets the tone for the entire book.  Sam's sidekicks, I mean- Best Friends, Ramon and Brooke.  They really help Sam through this rough patch in his life and I don't know if he could have done it without them.  Ramon was funny, brave and loyal- everything you want in a best friend.  Brooke was snarky and bright.... and um.... she travels well?!  Ha.... Poor Brooke. 
I liked the VERY fast paced romance/friendship between Sam and Brid.  Brid's a strong, go getter and she is really want Sam needs to balance his slackerish behaviors.  I love that Sam is pretty much kept in his place by Brid.  She doesn't take any crap and I love that in a chick.  She's also funny and smart- a real well-rounded secondary character. 

Bottom line?  I really enjoyed this book.  It was a fun read that I tore through.  I just could not put it down.  I would highly recommend this for older teens and up due to some sex, some swearing and general shenanigans.  I have heard that there will be a sequel coming out sometime in the near future and I know I'll be first in line for it!! I believe that Lish McBride and her necromancer will only get better as they go!  You can learn more about Lish McBride and her books on her website and Goodreads.

Hold Me Closer Necromancer earns 4 Fairies for a new and interesting premise and fun characters.

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