Thursday, March 10, 2011

Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa (Iron Fey Book 2)

The Iron Daughter is the second book in the Iron Fey series and the cover is just as great as the previous one.  Between Iron King and Iron Daughter, there is a little novella that follows the trip that Ash and Meghan take when Ash turns her over to the Winter Queen.  The Novella is called Winter's Passage and you can find it on Amazon for the Kindle (at least, that is how I bought and read it).  Winter's Passage for the Kindle is $2.39 and worth every penny, in my opinion.  Plus, the "Cover" graphic is pretty wicked.  I really liked Winter's Passage because it was a great way to get into Ash's head (and heart) a little.  Ash is really a wonderful character because there are just so many layers to him.  The courtly facade.  The lost boy.  The heart of gold.  All of these are parts of Ash but he rarely shows all of them to others.  I totally heart Ash, Prince of the Winter Court.  * Sigh *

Iron Daughter begins once Meghan has already been turned over to Queen Mab of the Winter Court and Ash has seemingly returned to the usual icy facade that he wears at court.  Meghan feels like she is all alone.  She doesn't even have her magic because it has been locked away.  Will she be left in the Winter Court forever, alone and friendless?   Or is there another path for her?  Whichever path she chooses, will she travel it alone?

This book was wonderful.  I actually got into it a lot easier than I did with Iron King.  I really liked the interaction between the characters, especially Puck and Ash.  Puck is a great character but I just never really saw him ending up with Meghan but I do still love him as a character.  He always brings levity to the scenes, which can be needed when Ash can be really severe sometimes. 

I loved the way that Ash came across in this book!! I'm trying to not spoil it for you but it was epic.  He is a true romantic hero.  Team Ash! 

This book is a great YA read that isn't terribly graphic so I think it is safe for all teens and older readers.  I highly recommend this series so give it a try if you haven't already.  You can find out more about Julie Kagawa and the Iron Fey Series on her website/blog and you can follow her on Twitter.

Iron Daughter earns 5 Fairies for an epic fairy tale with lots of delicious fey boys! 

So, what Team are you on???

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