Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tyger Tyger by Kersten Hamilton (Goblin Wars Book 1)

Tyger Tyger is the first book in the Goblin Wars Series and it first came out back in November.  I remember seeing some of the hype leading up to the release but after reading this book, I think it deserved a lot more hype.  I loved this book, plain and simple.  I loved the lore that Kersten used for her story.  She made a really vivid world that you could easily be sucked into.  My absolute favorite character is Finn.  He's just so Irish, heroic and downright yummy!! Finn is epic.  Really.  I liked Teagan because she was brave and smart.  But Teagan never could have made the journey on her own.  She needed Finn and even her little brother, Aiden, to make it through to the end.  The entire story is somewhat dark and at times depressing because so many things go wrong for Tea after the Goblins enter her life.  I didn't think that the story or it;s ending was predictable.  I enjoyed every moment of the ride and was sad when it was over.  I felt like I could connect with Teagan because she is a biologist, a lot like me (or at least like I was in college).  It's really great to have a female lead who is into science and not boys.  (Granted, I was into boys and science in college but I know all too well that the interest in boys can lead to loss of time for science!! Just ask my kids.)  Finn was awesome.  I just loved Finn because he was like the modern, teenage embodiment of the classic Irish/Celtic hero.  He is so young but already carries so much responsibility.  Finn just accepts that this is his lot in life and he does what he has to.  He's very strong in that way but matters of the heart are a different story.  He tries to come across as sure of himself but their grandma lets Teagan see that he isn't always the strong and sure man that he puts out to the rest of the world.  He can still have his heart broken.  I really loved Finn, I can't say it enough.  He made this book for me.  Without him, it still would have been good but Finn made it amazing.

Teagan is a teenage girl with a plan.  She works at the zoo and is going to go to college.  Boys do NOT factor into her plan.  When her "cousin" Finn comes to stay with them, her world is thrown into a disarray in more ways than one.  Will Finn derail her Plan?  Are the Goblins real and are they really coming for her?  Tea and Aidan must go with Finn on a journey into the world of the Goblins to get their father after he is stolen by the goblins in the weeks following their mother's death (also, due to Goblins).  Finn takes them first to their adopted grandmother, the woman who is head of Clan Mac Cumhaill and who took their mother in after finding her trying to escape the Goblins.  They then decide to travel into the goblin world to free their father.  Will they find him in time?  Will things ever go back to the way they once were? 

Tyger Tyger earns 5 Fairies for The Mac Cumhaill, Tea the chimp whisperer and Aidan with his angel voice.

I know I am waiting with bated breath for the next book in the series, In the Forests of the Night, which is due out on October 3rd.  You can find out more about Kersten Hamilton on Goodreads and on her website.  Check out the cover, I really like it.  If I were you, I would make sure that I'd read Tyger Tyger before October so that I could enjoy In the Forests of the Night when it comes out!  You won't be disappointed, this series is like nothing that you've read before!

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