Saturday, May 7, 2011

Fade (Dream Catcher Series Book 2) by Lisa McMann

Fade is the sequel to Wake and continues from where we left Janie and Cabel at the end of Wake.  Cabel and Janie are working for Captain but Janie is working the current case mostly on her own.  She is trying to find the sexual predator that the Captain believes is hiding in plain sight on the high school faculty.  Janie must find the predator and get proof of his crimes by getting close to him.  Cabel is still waiting for the drug case against Shay Wilder's dad to conclude so that he can be seen with Janie at school and it kills him not to be able to keep her safe as she goes about her dangerous mission.  But there could be more than one villain in this story. Janie will also learn more about her ability and how she can use it to help others.  But she may learn things that she'll wish she hadn't.

I really liked this second installment in the series.  Cabel's issues with abandonment are tested as he has to let Janie go into danger to help bring down the predator.  She's the bait and he HATES it.  I love Cabel because he isn't perfect but he's learned from the bad things that happened to him and come out of it a better person.  He really loves Janie, freak issues and all.  He takes care of her and is doing his best to be what she needs.  Janie is also great in this because she is kind of a natural at the detective work.  She has an immediate issue with three teachers and we later find that he instinct is correct.  There are some scary moments and I would not suggest this book for young teen readers as there are scenes of teen drinking, kids being given drugs, swearing and obviously, sexual situations.  This is a quick and suspenseful read for older teens and adults.  Make sure you check out Lisa McMann's website and Twitter to learn more about her and her books!  She has a new book out that is another mystery like the Dream Catcher books only spookier called Cryer's Cross!

Fade gets 4 Fairies for being a heart stopping thrill ride as some teens take down teachers gone bad.

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Shay said...

I remember reading this series! I definitely liked it a lot. It was something new and different that hasn't been played out like all of the vampire and werewolf books, haha.

Shay from BestYoungAdultBooks.blogspot