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Slow Burn Blog Tour: Interview with author E. B. Walters

Welcome everyone!!! I recently got the chance to ask E. B. Walters a few questions about herself, her writing and her books.  As you probably know, Ednah is the author of Slow Burn, the first book in her new series of adult books.  Before we go any further, this is an ADULT book.  It is written for adults and the interview and review take this into account.  You've been warned!! 

Hi Ednah! Megan fromAmethyst Daydreams here!  I am going to do a fun/serious 12 questions for my Author interview for the Slow Burn Tour, if that is okay with you? I loved Slow Burn and I want to get to know you a little better!

Ooh, thank you. I’m happy to be here.

Who is your favorite character to write from Slow Burn and why?

Hmm, that’s a hard one since they’re all my babies. If I had to pick, I’d say Ashley. When I plotted her character, I looked to my girls for inspiration. I have four girls, each so different from the other, from strong-willed and independent to clingy, nerdy to girly-girly preppies. As you can imagine, there’s a lot of drama in my house. Sometimes it gets so bad my poor son begs me to adopt a boy so he wouldn’t be the only boy. Anyway, although my girls drive me crazy, I couldn’t help giving some of their quirks to Ashley.

Our house is the opposite of yours.  My daughter and I are the only girls.  I have three sons and a husband so I totally get what your son is feeling! 

What is your favorite thing about Ashley Fitzgerald?

Ashley is spunky, full of sass, everything I’m not. Since I’m the quiet, laid back kind, I lived vicariously through her when I wrote Slow Burn.

What is your favorite line in Slow Burn, who says it and why is it the best?

Tonight may be just another notch on your bedpost, but it was the best sex I’d had in a long time.”
Ashley said it. It takes lots of guts to tell a guy he just rocked your world before booting him out.

What prompted you to write an Adult novel after your success with your YA novel, Awakened?

I read a lot of adult romance, so the wish to write one had always been there. My earlier attempts were pathetic, but after Awakened, I decided to rewrite one while still riding high on yeah-me euphoria. That story became Slow Burn.

What is the biggest difference, for you, between writing Awakened and Slow Burn?

Writing the love scenes. When writing Awakened, I had to pretend that my characters are dead waist down. Absolutely no mention of a boner or blood rushing to the, uh, lower extremities. The switch to dirty and raunchy, clothes flying off bodies scenes was exhilarating. Regardless of whether I’m starting an adult or a YA story, the switch back and forth keeps my creative juices flowing. It is easy to get burnt out when you write one genre, unless you’re a seasoned writer. I’m still a work-in-progress as a writer, learning something new everyday, the back and forth keeps me going.

Which is more fun to write, the YA or the Adult Series?

YA. Writing YA is like reliving a period in my life when life wasn’t so complicated and I was full of optimism. Nothing is as exciting as first love. Adults have a lot of baggage—so many issues to work through. Teens are all about living for each other. The, ‘Oh, I’ll absolutely die if he talks to me’ or ‘I’d die if he leaves me”. The love seems unrealistic to adults but it’s intense and exciting.

What is your idea of a perfect moment? (as in: my idea of a perfect moment is being able to relax and read while my four children-all 7 and under- play together quietly without fighting or making a mess and my husband fixes something.)

Any time after ten, when my five kids are in bed, DH is catching up on his movies before bed, and it’s just me and my laptop in a quiet room, writing. Nothing beats the utter silence except for the voices in my head, which is why I write better at night, lol.

I'm beginning to think that all moms work better at night.  

You seem to love to do giveaways and your fans seem to really love to support you. Do you have a best ever fan experience to share?

My best fan experience, hmm. One day I mentioned on FB that I didn’t have a kindle and hoped to win one at some website running a win-a-kindle contest. This was in early December. Within hours, a fan asked me for my address and ordered an early Christmas present for moi…a kindle. Yeah!!! You should have seen me? I screamed. My kids screamed without understanding why and then screamed again after I told them. Seriously, I was so touched. It was the best experience ever.

Wow!! You have some awesome fans!!

Coffee or Tea?  Tea
Summer or Winter?  Summer
Ice Cream or Cake?  Ice-Cream 
Flowers or Chocolate? Flowers 
Early Bird or Night Owl?  Night Owl
Paperback or Hard Cover?  Paperback-hate the cover because it always slips off.
Bookmarks or Corner Folding?  Corner Folding-I’m always losing my bookmarks
Dust Jacket on or off while you read?  
Do you like to cook or be cooked for?  Cook
Do you like the: Bad Boy or Good Guy?  Ooh, bad boy!!
When autographing do you like to: just sign or write a little something?  I write a little something.
Bookmarks: do you stick whatever is handy in or use a real bookmark?  I fold the corner most of the time. I’m too impatient.

Thanks so much to Ednah for taking the time from her busy schedule to answer my questions!  Tomorrow it's on to another stop on the tour!  Remember that you can read my review of Slow Burn HERE and that leaving a meaningful comment on this interview post will earn you another entry into my Slow Burn Giveaway!  Please make sure to mention that you want the +1 entry at the end of your comment and the name you entered with. Thanks.

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Thanks everyone for the great feedback! Ednah is AWESOME! :)