Thursday, June 16, 2011

Drowning in the Dark by Allison Karras

I'm not gonna lie, this book is scary!  So, if you are not into horror- you might want to stop reading here.  But if you love a good scary story to read in the dark, give this one a try!  Drowning in the Dark is a riveting book full of plot twists, mystery and suspense.  Here's the blurb from Goodreads:

There's a demon walking the streets of Freeport. And only teenager Samantha Carver can stop it.

It's hard to outrun your past. But that's what Sam thought she could do. After moving to a sleepy town on the Oregon coast to live with relatives, she thought she was safe. She thought she could be someone different. She thought she could be a normal teenage girl.

However, the quiet coastal town of Freeport is no refuge. After a girl at the high school is brutally murdered, the police believe Samantha's cousin and best friend, Terry, is responsible.

But Samantha knows what her friends, teachers, and the police don’t. The murderer isn't human. Samantha has seen this before. Too many times. She has witnessed the dead rise from their graves and do unspeakable things. She carries the scars on her skin and the sorrow in her soul to prove it.

The evil that she thought she had left behind in the rotting graveyards of her past is still stalking her.

Will Samantha be able to save Terry, Freeport, and herself from the malevolent power that threatens to rip her world apart? Or will she succumb under a surging tide of evil and drown in the growing darkness that surrounds her?

In the tradition of Amanda Hocking and Charlaine Harris comes a paranormal romantic thriller with more chills than a cold and windblown night on the Oregon coast.

I enjoyed this one.  Really.  It was a quick read, I finished it in one evening, but I enjoyed every minute of it.  I loved the unique take that Allison has on zombies.  Very cool.  I also liked how strong Samantha is.  Kick butt female characters in YA are hard to find!  The plot was suspenseful and not once did I have one of those "I know what's going to happen" moments.  Allison also did a great job describing the world, the scenery and the characters.  You could almost reach out and touch them.  All around this was a great read and I hope that she'll continue the story.  I would suggest this for readers 13 and up due to the subject matter.

Drowning in the Dark earns 3 Fairies for being entertaining and creeptacular.


soulunsung said...

Wow, what a great review of the book. I love the way your words almost have a poetic feel to them, in some ways. And even though I'm not a huge fan of zombies, I totally want to read this now. :)

Suz @ A Soul Unsung

Megan said...

:) Great!! and thanks so much for the compliments! I super appreciate them. I hope you like the book! (Although, I would suggest not reading it at night like I did... I ended up sleeping with the lights on. But then, I'm a total wimp so maybe you'll fare better than I did! )