Monday, June 20, 2011

Interview with Suzy Turner Author of Raven

Today I have the wonderful opportunity to interview Suzy Turner, author of the new YA book, Raven.  If you haven't read the review of Raven, please do so and leave your comments.  I'm really excited to have this chance to interview an author who has written such a great book that I really enjoyed.  So let's get right to it! 

Megan:  Who is your favorite character to write from Raven and why?

Suzy Turner: I particularly like to write about Rose because she's not your average 70 year old. She's lived a life very different from the norm!

Megan:  What is your favorite thing about Lillian Taylor?

Suzy Turner:  Her naivety is quite refreshing... although it's something that she soon grows out of.

Megan:  What is your favorite line in Raven, who says it and why is it the best?

Suzy Turner:  Oh that's a tough one! I quite like this line because Gabriel pretty much sums up everything that is important about the family:

Tulugaq is the name of our forefathers, Lilly. It is your name, it is my name. It is your father's name as well as his brother's and sister's. It is in you. It is in here,” he said, placing his hand over his heart. “It would do you well to remember this. This is where you come from, Lilly.”

Megan:  What prompted you to write Raven and why did you choose to gear the book for the YA audience?

Suzy Turner:  It was during a holiday to western Canada in 2009. One day we visited Powell River, where we found a little beach covered in huge pieces of driftwood. We sat down down for a picnic and I was completely awe-struck by the beauty that surrounded us. The ocean lapped at our feet, fish kept hopping in and out of the water and off into the distance were small green islands covered in trees. It was serene and mysterious... and a little eerie. My imagination went into overdrive and I thought it would make the perfect setting for a fantasy story. I chose to write it for a YA audience because that is a genre I love to read myself.

Megan:  What inspired you to use the idea of changelings or people with paranormal gifts like vampires, werewolves, witches and the interesting people who can shape shift into birds, cats, snakes and sharks?

Suzy Turner:  Western Canada is full of beautiful locations perfect for mysterious creatures to hide away from prying eyes and it was easy to envision creatures like changelings there. Plus, Canada has so many great animals that could be included.

Megan:  What is your idea of a perfect moment? (as in: my idea of a perfect moment is being able to relax and read while my four children-all 7 and under- play together quietly without fighting or making a mess and my husband fixes something.)

Suzy Turner:  It's dark and stormy outside, I'm curdled up on the sofa in front of a roaring log fire, eating dark chocolate, drinking cocoa and watching Practical Magic.

Now onto the lightning round:

Coffee or Tea? Rooibos tea in the morning, decaf black coffee in the afternoon
Summer or Winter? Winter
Ice Cream or Cake? Ice cream (lactose free)
Flowers or Chocolate? Chocolate.... always chocolate
Early Bird or Night Owl? Early Bird (kind of....)
Paperback or Hard Cover? Paperback
Bookmarks or Corner Folding? Bookmarks
Dust Jacket on or off while you read? On
Do you like to cook or be cooked for? Be cooked for, of course!
Do you like the: Bad Boy or Good Guy? Good Guy
Bookmarks: do you stick whatever is handy in or use a real bookmark? Real bookmark

 Thank you SO much for the opportunity to read Raven and to interview you, Suzy!!  I really appreciated it and I hope my readers will add your book to their To Read Lists.  You can find out more about Suzy and her books on her Website and on her blog and you can follow her on Twitter!  You can purchase Raven on Amazon and Smashwords!

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