Saturday, June 25, 2011

Steampunk Saturdays!

I'm super excited about the information that I have for ya'll this week!  I was wondering what to feature this week when I stumbled upon a page that I IMMEDIATELY added to my favorites list.  I hope all my Steamy and crafty friends will check out these videos.  They were posted a few years back but the info is still super useful!  I'm talking about the Steampunk Tutorials on  There is one for making your own goggles from household items- AND they look pretty good.  There is another for making gloves, another for spats and another to put together Steampunk outfits for men and ladies!  Really cool videos with tons of info and links.  So, check that out.

The second thing I have for you is the trailer for Kady Cross's The Girl In The Steel Corset.  It's pretty wicked.  I love how there is plenty of good steampunkery smashed into the minute that is her trailer.  Plus we get to see this boy in black in it... who is it?  Anyone know whcih character from the book he is supposed to be?


vvb32 reads said...

coolio! i love this steampunky feature of yours!

Megan said...