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Dancing With His Heart Blog Tour- Review & Giveaway!

Today Amethyst Daydreams is a stop on the blog tour for an amazing summer read!  I've got some goodies for you and a review of Dancing with his Heart by Katherine Warwick, I'm so excited to share this book with you!  This is a GREAT summer read that is perfect for some beach reading or to read on a porch swing this summer.  


Here is the Goodreads blurb:
Playboy and philanthropist, Alex offers first class sponsorship to Lauren andher dance partner. Given their tumultuous past, Lauren is suspicious. Without resources, the single mother of a child with autism is forced to take Alex's offer.

His plan is to prove to her that he's changed, and win her heart. But trust is not easily won even with the sizzling sparks the two of them ignite on and off the dance floor, and they both face more trouble when a dark figure from their past shows up with devious intentions for them both.

Here's why I loved this book:  

I really identified with Lauren, my son is on The Spectrum.  My youngest has Aspergers and I often feel like no one really understands how that feels.  So, I really appreciated getting to read a character who felt real and honest to me.  I have always loved romance novels, even as a teen I read Harlequin Historicals, but the female leads in most romances are just too perfect.  Lauren is not perfect but she is amazing and I liked that.  Alex was a really interesting guy.  I loved that he never got over Lauren and that he was willing to do anything to be with her.  I really appreciate a guy who is steadfast.  Ask my husband, he can attest to that!  I think that being unwavering in your feelings is pretty much the best thing in a man.  I mean, being rich could be useful and being hot is great and all but a guy who'll stick by you no matter what?  Who doesn't take no for an answer and never gives up on the romantic idea of what could be?  I don't know about you, but I'm all for it.  Alex doesn't take the easy way out and just move on, he works his way into Lauren's heart and her life.  He's willing to take on the responsibility of a child with special needs and allows a precious little girl to steal his heart.  That is sexy.  I really appreciated this story in that it is relatively clean so I didn't have to worry about my seven year old finding it or it having an embarrassing cover if I was reading it in public.  All in all, this is a very classy read from a classy lady but it'll still heat up your summer.  This is an adult book but there are no explicit scenes- just a lot of heart and the heat of anticipation.

You can add Dancing with his Heart to your Goodreads here or buy it for the Kindle here for only $2.99.

Now for a Blog Tour Giveaway!  I have an ebook copy of Dancing with his Heart to give away as part of the tour!  All you have to do fill in the form below and if you can guess my favorite movie about ballroom dancing and leave the title in the comments, I'll give you an extra entry!  To win you need to be at least 18 years old and entries end July 29th! 

Dancing with His Heart earns 4 Fairies for being a sweet love story that dances across your heart.

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