Saturday, August 6, 2011

Steampunk Saturdays!

Hi everyone!! It's Steampunk Saturday once again!  This week I'm chatting up some SWEET places to buy Steampunk outfits from!  I don't know about you, but I love costumes and vintage clothes so steampunk wear is a two for one.

Copyright: Steampunk Threads
The first store I want to talk about is Steampunk Threads!  They have dresses, suits, shoes, boots and accessories.  Here is one of my favorites from their shop.  Everything is made by hand and while some pieces are made by other reenactment or prop companies, everything is high quality.  I love how they have covered ALL their bases.  You can buy a put together outfit or you can put your own together piece by piece.  They have tons of jewelry, shoes, gloves, and hats to complete your look.  You can also find a decent selection of menswear there as well.  They don't sell complete outfits for men but let's face it- men's clothing has always seemed much more straight forward than women's.  The guys can choose between shirts, trousers and vests.  There is one style of tie and one style of overcoat.  BUT they have lots of styles of men's hats and goggles.  Be sure to check this site out- the work is BEAUTIFUL!

Copyright: Clockwork Couture
My second offering for steampunk wear is Clockwork Couture.  This company does the costuming for the cover photos of the Parasol Protectorate books!  They sell the traveling suit that is featured on two of the covers.  Very cool.  They also have a pretty good mens' wear collection.  They carry different colors of vests (waistcoats) and different overcoats and trousers. There are lots of ladies' outfits to choose from as well as pieces to pick and choose from to create your own ensemble.  There are accessories available from parasols to chokers.  You can also find some steampunkery for your home.  All in all this is worth a look even if the size range on the garments is a bit limited.  Clockwork Couture may be the highest quality steampunk clothing boutique there is.

Well, hoped you all liked this week's Steampunk Saturday and see you next time!! 

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