Sunday, September 4, 2011

December Moon (Raven book 2) by Suzy Turner

Today I'm turning over the post to Suzy Turner, author of the Raven series, for a guest post as part of her blog tour.  So, here's Suzy!

After I finished writing Raven, I knew I had another two books to write in the series. I'd firmly decided The Raven Saga would be a trilogy. December Moon would be book two and the final instalment would be called The Lost Soul.

Well, I'm delighted to say that December Moon is finally finished and is now out in the big wide world for all to see! I must say, I had more fun writing the sequel than I did writing Raven, which was quite a sombre book. DM is more upbeat, written in the third person, has a little more comedy in it and has some really fun characters that were immensely exciting to write. One of my favourites is a ghost called Ruby, who I wrote about yesterday over at Inga Silberg's book blog. She's a real feisty character!

Kyran is a new fellow too. He's half fairy and half wizard and he's about the size of your average newborn baby but he talks with the strangest of accents. It was strange when he appeared in the book. Just like Ruby, I had no idea he would come, he just did, strapped to the back of a werewolf of all places. I had quite a vivid picture of this little man and I could hear him talking as if he sat right beside me.

Tiffanimelicomelea (also known as Tiffani for those unable to pronounce her real name) is introduced in DM, although she will have a larger role in The Lost Soul. She is a beautiful fairy who becomes lost and finds herself under the roof of the Elders. But I can't tell you much more without giving too much away!
Olivier Duran was briefly mentioned in Raven but appears in the sequel. Although insanely handsome, Duran is an evil vampire intent on causing havoc wherever he goes. He's also got his eyes firmly on his prize and what he wants, he usually gets.

Hopefully, you'll be intrigued enough to want to learn more about The Raven Saga. So for more information about December Moon and The Raven Saga, visit or
Suzy can also be found at or on twitter at


Mindy fangedmom said...

SOOO excited to read this book!!!!

Megan said...

me too!! I think I got it for my kindle before my surgery but I need to double check that it added!!

Suzy Turner said...

You girls are AWESOME!! I hope you enjoy it! X

Lisa Richards/alterlisa said...

I just love those those big ole blue eyes.

Suzy Turner said...

They're amazing aren't they, Lisa? I was so happy when I found this image because she looks exactly as I imagined the main character to be!