Thursday, December 15, 2011

#BIR2011 Interview with Beth Revis, Author of Across the Universe

Today I'm so excited to share with you my interview with Beth Revis!  Across the Universe was a book that really grabbed me in 2011 and it just had to be included on my Top 7 of '11!  Across the Universe is a sci-fi dystopian set in the far future that takes on an adventure aboard the Godspeed.  The second book in this series, A Million Suns, will be released on January 10, 2012.  Without further ado, here's my interview with Beth Revis: 
Across the Universe is written in split perspective alternating between Amy and Elder, why choose to show both sides?

I had to for the story; it was very important for me that each character knew something the other character didn't. Amy knew what it was like on Earth, so she was able to see how the things Elder knows about on the ship are different. And Elder has his own secrets...

What do you think is the BEST moment in Across the Universe? And why?

For me, it's the end--the chapter where the real mystery is really solved (I don't want to be too specific and spoil the book, but I think readers who've read it will know what I'm talking about). That was the moment the whole book was building to--in fact, I wrote the book for that one sentence. I tend to have "clincher" scenes in my writing. For A MILLION SUNS, it's one sentence: "silence and stars."

Elder is my favorite character in the book, do you have a favorite or do you love them all equally?

Honestly, I adored Harley. I don't want to spoil what happens to him for readers who've not read the book yet, but Harley was a surprise character for me from the start. I'd not meant to make him a big character--he was supposed to just be in the background--but then he sort of stole the show for me.

Can you share with me a fan moment that really made an impression on you, something that you will always remember?

Well, last weekend, I went to Cassie Clare's signing. It was a little surreal--I was there as a fangirl to get signatures in my books, but the bookstore owner recognized my name when I was ordering books from her, and brought some of my books to sign for stock for the store...which then other people who came to Cassie's signing recognized and bought! So here I was at someone else's signing (early; Cassie wasn't there yet--I would never try to take over someone else's event), and people were asking me to sign my book. And this adorable girl who was obviously very shy came up to me and whispered, "Excuse me?"

"Yes?" I said.

"Are you....are you Cassie Clare?"

I think I broke her heart when I told her who I was!

Do you have a favorite read of 2011?

Oh, dear, there are too many to say! I adored THE NAME OF THE STAR, THE UNBECOMING OF MARA DYER, HOURGLASS, THE NEAR WITCH, SHADE, TEMPEST, many more...

As you gear up for the release of A Million Suns (Across the Universe book 2), are you getting nervous for the release? Excited? Maybe a bit of both?

I'm pretty excited...and deeply nervous! I really want people to like this one. It was weird to write a book *knowing* it was going to be published--that's never happened to me before. I tried to write a book that I would like, and I hope that means other readers will like it, too. There are a lot of expectations, and...*frets*

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LitzaLou said...

Awesome interview! I love Beth Revis... she just seems so awesome! AND Across the Universe was one of my top picks for this year. SO GOOD! Can't wait for A Million Suns. Thanks for the interview/giveaway! :)

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Awesome Interview!!! I learn about this author during a event! Thanks so much for the giveaway!
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That was an enjoyable interview. I love reading about the authors behind the books.
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Love the new cover! Great interview!
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Great interview! I really loved reading Across the Universe and I'm really looking forward to reading A Million Suns! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

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I'm looking forward to reading these books. So thank you for the chance to win one. :)


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I am looking forward to the second book. I know it will be as good as the first one.

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Thank you very much can't wait to read both heard so many great things!
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