Friday, February 3, 2012

Flash Friday!

Comic Scan Copyright DC Comics

Welcome back to Flash Friday!  Note the Flash family above.  This week was a slow week for my pull list.  I bought Green Arrow #6 and Blue Beetle #'s 3.4 and 5.

Green Arrow #6- Green Arrow will be changing it's creative team in a few books which I'm not sure how I feel about that.  We'll just have to wait and see I guess.  This month's installment of Green Arrow was full of action and a few laughs.  Ollie always delivers on laughs- even after being shot in the head.  True Facts.  Green Arrow again fights the toxic monster and his girlfriend, Blood Rose.  Ollie's support team finds out that the girl is really a robot so they equip Green Arrow with toxic waste neutralizing arrows and EMP-like arrows to slow down the robot.  At the end of their battle, Ollie detonates an explosive arrow and beleives that both Green Arrow and Oliver Queen are finally free of those two.  Not so.  They slink off into the shadows bent on starting a new life in Metropolis.  Baddies on Superman's home turf?  Good luck with that.  Oliver ends the mission on a roof top and we learn what at least some of the canisters attached to his belt are: he cracks what looks like a beer.  Knowing Ollie, it is.  I doubt The Batman carries Bat-beer in HIS belt.  In this issue, we also get a hint at a Justice League/Aquaman story when Ollie says that he doesn't know any super humans but he did meet a merman once.  Green Arrow earns 5 Flashes for being a fun and exciting read!

Next week's pull list will include Batman and Robin #6 and Superboy #6.  I can't wait!!!  Batman and Robin has been a real nail biter and I'm looking forward to maybe figuring out what the heck is up with Superboy.  I'm also hoping that I'll have some Aquaman's for the hubby to pick up! See you then!  Have a great Friday everyone!

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