Friday, February 10, 2012

Flash Friday!

Barry "The Flash" Allen, Wally "Kid Flash" West and Jay "The Flash" Garrick from  the Young Justice Cartoon.

Hi guys!  It's Friday once again and here are this week's comic reviews.  This week saw the release of Superboy #6 and Batman and Robin #6.  It's a thrilling week for sure!

Superboy #6-  This is one of those books that is kinda frustrating.  We see Superboy in the aftermath of his battle with the Teen Titans (from Teen Titans #5).  He contemplates his existance and the possibility of his having a conscience.  Then Supergirl comes across him and FREAKS OUT.  She thinks he's some other Kryptonian like Kal-el (Superman).  She touches Superboy and he sees that she thinks he is another survivor from the planet Krypton and he gains the ability to speak Kryptonian.  He tells her that he is the half human clone of a Kryptonian and Kara goes back into full freak out mode because supposedly, Kryptonian clones led to the destruction of the planet and thus he must be evil.  She DOES give Superboy his name: Kon-el.  Kon of the house of El.  That part cool.  Then she disappears (theoretically, to go harass Superman about this clone boy) and Superboy continues to N. O. W. H. E. R. E.  Upon arrival at the base, he finds Rose ready to "put him down."  Superboy just can not get a break.  Now, I don't remember much about Rose "The Ravager" Wilson from the old comics but Superboy can pretty much kick anyone's butt.  I'm not too scared that Rose will win.  We'll get to see their battle in the next issue!  Superboy #6 earns 3 Flashes for being a decent enough backstory book and I appreciate finally getting a name for the Superboy but it was slow spot in the plot for sure.

Batman and Robin #6- YAY!  I'm so glad that this book showed Damian's true colors.  He may not get along very well as his father's Robin but he is his father's son.  I cheered out loud as I saw Damian leave the guars alive and then challenge Nobody.  Damian is a good kid at heart and I'm glad that he's not giving up on working with his father.  It broke my heart to see Bruce and Alfred frantically searching for him.  I just hope that Bruce gets to his location in time to save him in issue 7.  I think we have two more issues to resolve this Nobody mess.  I'll be glad to see the end of it! Batman and Robin #6 earns 5 Flashes for being an emotional book with great use of the characters.  Loved it!

Young Justice #12-  For some reason, we got our Young Justice for next week a week early so here is the review of that.  Young Justice is the comic book (for kids) based on the Young Justice series on Cartoon Network.  In this installment, Batman calls the team in (without Artemis) to help track the monster Clayface through the sewers of Gotham while Batman tries to find a method to defeat him.  The majority of the book actually deals with how Clayface came to be and Aqualad's daydreams about Tula. This book appears to come between episodes 7 and 8 of the show because in episode 8, Aqualad is dressed down for not being a good leader in the fight with Clayface before he goes to visit Atlantis with Aquaman only to find that Tula is seeing his best friend Garth now.  I love that the comics are giving us the in between bits for the series but episode 8 aired LAST MARCH.  Speaking of episodes airing, the new episodes of Young Justice will begin to air on Cartoon Network on Saturday mornings in the 10-11 AM block with Green Lantern: the animated series and presumably, the DC Nation shorts/content CN announced a while back.  I don't like the day switch but I'm excited to see what they have for us anyway.  Young Justice receives 4 Flashes for some interesting back story but not a lot of action.

Next week's comics will be: Batman, Blue Beetle, Red Hood and the Outlaws, The Justice League, and Nightwing.  Hope you'll stop back then!!

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