Friday, February 17, 2012

Flash Friday!

That's right everyone!!! It's Flash Friday once again!  Our Flash graphic this week is one of my favorite speedsters- Impulse.  Bart Allen was adorable as Impulse then and now, he's hot (headed) in the New Teen Titans.  I'm super excited for all the greatness coming out of DC Comics this week, I have to tell you.  This week we have: Young Justice #13, Batman #6, Nightwing #6, Red Hood and the Outlaws #6 and Blue Beetle #6.  We also lucked out this week in that my hubby's back issues of Aquaman came in.  It was an excellent day at the comic book store for sure!

Red Hood and the Outlaws #6-  I'd seen some leaked scans of this one the night before it came out on Tumblr.  The art is AMAZING.  It's so beautiful that you want to reach out and touch Jason.  I thought Brett Booth was my favorite comic artist but Kenneth Rocafort- you may have stolen my heart with issue 6!  Jason is BEAUTIFUL.  Like an avenging angel.  Maybe it's a Robin thing but he is SO pretty in this series and I don't see how you can not love him.  I don't know that I dig the writing of this series- Scott Lobdell writes it and we all know how I feel about him.  Regardless of the questionable writing, the art in this series is beautiful and I love seeing Roy drawn this way in particular.  I love Roy in all his incarnations but this one is just ... my favorite.  In this book, we see how Jason met Kori (Starfire) and how they end up finding Roy.  I really enjoyed getting to see Jason and NOT the Red Hood for the majority of this book.  I even almost liked Starfire- note that I said almost.  Her crimes against clothes everywhere are still a sore spot for me.  Red Hood and the Outlaws #6 earns 5 Flashes for being a BEAUTIFUL book full of sweet Jason Todd backstory!

Nightwing #6- Poor Dick.  The poor boy just CAN NOT catch a break.  I swear.  His mentor is MIA, he has circus drama AND a psycho- sorry- Saiko killer after him.  It's tough to be Nightwing.  In this book, Dick Grayson gets the shock of a lifetime when he finally finds out the identity of Saiko, the hit man who's been after him for the past 5 issues.  Haly's Circus has returned to Gotham for a Flying Graysons Memorial Show.  Alfred stops by to give Dick some sound advice and to inform him that Bruce is still missing.  It's an emotional rollercoaster for Nightwing as he tries to keep everyone safe, find the hit man and put on a worthy tribute show for his parents.  DC has released the covers from the titles in the Bat-verse that will collide in the Night of the Owls Event and they are PRETTY!!!  So we have two more issues of the Haley's Circus story line before the Court of Owls puts a cramp in Nightwing's plans.  Can't wait!  Nightwing #6 earns 4 Flashes for being a book with tons of action and suspense!

Batman #6-  Batman has been wandering in the Court of Owls' maze below the city for days.  He's weak, hungry and quickly losing his mind.  
But he IS The Batman.  Bruce manages to fend off the owls and the Talon.  He also reminds us all that handling madness is nothing new to Batman.  Bruce knows roughly where in Gotham he is and how to get out.  He's been putting together the pieces and forming a plan.  He does manage to get rid of the Talon and escape into what we're led to believe is the river but Bruce seems too weak to break through the ice and the last image we see is of a sinking Batman.  Batman is going to need all of the members of the Bat Family to get him through this run in with the Court of Owls!  Can't wait to see how each one contributes in the big Night of the Owls event!  Batman #6 earns 5 Flashes for being an excellent example of beautiful art AND a writer who really knows his character.

Young Justice #13-  Young Justice # 13 falls in line just prior to episode 8 of the TV series.  The team completely blows their mission to track Clayface and Batman dresses Aqualad down for dropping the ball as leader.  The beginning of this comic and episode 8 are very similar.  The really interesting part of the book is seeing Artemis being booked in Star City with Cameron Mahkent (Icicle Junior).  This is part of the JLA working on the set up for episode 11 (Terrors) and part of the detective work stemming from the ice villain round up we see in the pilot episode. Cameron passes the information that she wants to be at Belle Reve for some reason.  That it would be better than going to the juvenile hall.  It's also funny to note that in the comics prior to the reboot, Cameron and Artemis are expecting a baby together.  Young Justice #13 earns 4 Flashes for being well worth buying to see what we're missing on the show.

That's all I have for this week!  My Blue Beetle and Aquaman comics are still waiting to be read.  I've had a stack of collected editions come in the mail that I've been reading.  Next week's pull list includes: Aquaman, The Flash, The Savage Hawkman and Teen Titans.  Can't wait for new Flash and Teen Titans!! Have a great weekend everyone!

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