Friday, March 9, 2012

Flash Friday!

Impulse Reckless Youth Cover 

This week was a slow comic week for my pull list but I didn't mind.  I have piles of comics to read laying around my room and while I managed to finish all of the Young Justice comics that I ordered (the 90's series), I still had to read half of my Impulse comics and nearly all of my Red Robin comics.  So, all in all, the slow week at the comic shop worked out for me.  Now for the comics!  This week we picked up Green Arrow #7 and I still need to review Justice League #7 from last week.

Green Arrow #7-  This book introduces the new creative team for Green Arrow.  From page one you can see the difference.  This Oliver Queen is not like the other!  The style of the pencils is the same but Ollie looks way too different.  He looks like he's run away from a boy band.  He also doesn't look old enough to own a company or be Green Arrow.  The man inside and the man on the cover barely look related!  I hope that the new creative team is going to pull this book together because I LOVE Green Arrow.  He reminds me of my dad and he's one of the few non meta-human heroes but he doesn't get the respect that any normal human hero deserves.  The plot was believable.  Oliver has always been a ball of hormones and he's been pretty hands  off with his company in the new 52 incarnation.  Overall, there were two big issues with the creative team switch on Green Arrow: 1) The new look of Oliver Queen himself.  Everything else was fine but his new look ruins this book.  2) The sudden overuse of the words doll and dollface.  No one suddenly picks up a verbal habit like that then uses it to death.  Really these two things ruined what could have been an awesome book.  Really DC, I expected better.  Green Arrow #7 earns 2 Flashes for being annoying and frustrating.  I expected the change to be smoother as the art style wasn't changing- just the artists.  The writer also pushed my buttons with the doll and dollface thing.  It ruined an otherwise great GA book.  I'm disappointed and if the books don't get back to their previous edgy GA goodness by May, I think we'll drop this title.  That thought really makes me sad but maybe we should be concentrating on collecting the older collected editions of pre-New 52 GA.

Justice League #6-  WOW!  This issue is SO beautifully done.  I love how young they made all the characters so that we feel as if we are looking back in time to see them when they were younger and not so well practiced at being heroes.  Wonder Woman kicked some serious butt in this one- love that.  I also appreciated the superfriends comment.  Very funny.  NO ONE wants to admit to being a "superfriend," Green Lantern- it isn't just you.  Also, HELLO Bruce Wayne.  He is so beautifully drawn here.  I love it.  Not to mention that the one member of this outfit with no super human abilities is the one who dives in after Superman.  That's right, the non meta-human saves SUPERMAN.  Further proof that Batman is awesome.  I also enjoyed the fact that Batman is the one who gives Cyborg the push he needs to be the hero and send Darkseid packing.  Batman sure is good with teenagers.  Overall, this end to the founding story is really great.  A fast paced read with lots of heart.  Justice League #6 earns 5 Flashes for being a magnificent work of comic book greatness.

That catches us back up to the current comics.  Next week will have Batman and Robin as well as Superboy.  I can not wait for Superboy to take on Rose AKA The Ravager.  I hope he kicks her butt.  Also, I hope that Batman gets to Nobody and takes the fool out before he does anything else to Robin, that poor boy doesn't need any more scars.  There'll also be new episodes on DC Nation this weekend!  Have a great weekend everyone and see you next Flash Friday!

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