Friday, April 13, 2012

Flash Friday!

Fan Art of Kid Flash as The Flash capturing Flash as Captain Cold by  xxjust-a-nobodyxx.
This week had two GREAT comics.  Both are emotional powerhouses.  Our pull list consisted of Batman & Robin and Superboy.  I was nearly in tears thanks to both of these books and really, is there a better compliment to a book of any kind??

Superboy #8-  This issue of Superboy marks the start of the big event that is crossing over between Teen Titans, Superboy and Legion Lost and leading into the new book coming in May- Ravagers.  I think that Superboy has made some leaps and bounds from book 1.  The art seems to get better and better as the books have gone on and the writing in this issue is actually (suddenly) amazing.  Superboy is given the line that he doesn't want to die when he's just started learning to live.  He also calls the Teen Titans his team.  Nice.  The only issue for me in this book is Beast Boy and Terra rolling up at the end.  Why is Beast Boy not green and hot?!  I can't get behind his new look.  Also, are they making Terra a good guy?  Will she betray her friends again?  I guess we'll just have to wait and see how The Culling plays out and what happens in the upcoming book, Ravagers.  I'm kinda excited for it.  My last comment on Superboy #8 is this:  Did Scott Lobdell really write this book?  I don't think so.  His personality and how he forces it on his characters regardless of their past or the expectations of his audience makes it hard for me to see him writing Superboy as a sexy clone with a heart.  But I digress.  Superboy #8 earns 4 Flashes for being beautiful and heart wrenching.

Batman & Robin #8-  This book ends the Born to Kill story arc that showed Bruce trying to connect to his 10 year old son now that Dick has returned to his role as Nightwing.  It has been a wildly emotional ride and this book is an epic ending to the story arc.  In one book we get the ending of Nobody, see Bruce and Damian moving toward understanding one another, Bruce and Damian playing with Titus and then the epic Bat Signal summons the Father and Son Dynamic Duo back into action.  WOW!!  The art in this book is LOVELY.  Below this review I'm going to post what is probably the most heart wrenching image of New 52 Damian.  His eyes as he admits to his father that all he's ever wanted was to be like Bruce but that he doesn't know if he can be as good.  Heart wrenching.  So much of this book just grabs you by the heart and twists.  I can't find one thing that detracts from this book.  It will go down in history as one of the great Batman books for sure.  Next issue will have Damian taking on the Talon alone.  He'll be fighting to protect his father, his brothers, his city and the life that he has built in Gotham.  I can't wait.  It also sounds like we'll be seeing a good amount of Damian in the new title coming out in May, Batman Incorporated, which will be written by Grant Morrison.  Grant Morisson is the father of all the greatest Batman titles.  It should be amazing.  Batman & Robin #8 earns 5 Flashes for being an amazing book that I will treasure as a part of my collection.

Next week's comics will include: Batman, Blue Beetle, Justice League, Nightwing, Young Justice and Red Hood and the Outlaws.  And now for the best page of this week's issue of Batman & Robin.  Look into Damian's eyes and tell me that you don't love that boy.

© DC Comics Batman & Robin (series 2) #8 

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