Friday, April 27, 2012

Flash Friday!

This week's pull list includes: The Flash, Aquaman, The Savage Hawkman and Teent Titans.  Next week the Night of the Owls will continue across the Batman Family of comics.  May is going to be an exciting comic month for sure with the release of the Teen Titans and Batman Annuals, all of the Night of the Owls excitement and the first issues of The Ravagers and Batman Incorporated.  My kids are stoked to see the new kid comics coming out including Superman Family Adventures and Green Lantern: The Animated Series.  So, without further ado, here's what I got this week.

The Flash #8-  I recently read an article about a convention panel that Francis Manapul recently did.  He said that we'd be learning about their new take on the Speed Force and that we'd be seeing the Pied Piper soon.  He was not kidding.  This issue of Flash gives us both and I was SO excited for it!  Hartley (Piper) is easily my favorite Flash "Rogue."  His character is a little different now but it's good to see that he made it through Flashpoint.  We're also getting our lead up to Flash meeting Gorilla Grodd, easily the scariest and craziest of Flash's Rogues.  The lovely artwork from Manapul makes The Flash one of the best titles in the New 52. The firm grasp that he has on the Flash fandom and the Flash characters makes his work that much more awesome.  Barry has entered the Speed Force on purpose to try and rescue the people who disappeared with the ship during his fight with Captain Cold.  He runs into someone else in the Speed Force and learns the truth behind the Speed Force and The Flash's connection to it.  The Flash #8 earns 5 Flashes for Speed Force drama and a visit from Hartley Rathaway.

Teen Titans #8- The Teen Titans are embroiled in the big event called The Culling.  They went to NOWHERE's facility to free Superboy but got caught in Harvest's plot.  They are trying to free themselves and their friend but it isn't looking good.  Harvest and Omen are scary metahumans with an agenda and psychological powers.  It does not bode well for the Titans.  This book is one big mental mess.  They don't know what is real and the readers don't either.  In May, Teen Titans, Teen Titans Annual, Ravagers, and Superboy will all deal with The Culling.  We are pretty sure what the culling is but not how it will play out.  Let's hope Tim Drake (Red Robin) can pull his team through this.  I also hope that we'll get more of Bart's backstory that Omen hinted at in this book.  I love pre-reboot Bart Allen and I like him so far in the reboot.  My only issue with Bart is that new Bart is like Young Justice (new not the 90's one) Wally- a bit cocky and over confident.  Post reboot Cassie is pretty interesting too but I don't feel good about them not matching her up with Superboy.  That's been done to death.  Skitter is a neat new character and we get to learn more about her in this book.  All around, I'm excited for the new Teen Titans as we get deeper into The Culling and the Titans team solidifies.  Teen Titans gets 4 Flashes for amazing artwork and an exciting story.

Aquaman #8-  This one is my husband's favorite book and for good reason.  The art is great and the characters are great.  Most people only know Aquaman as the butt of a joke but the New 52 Aquaman is pretty awesome.  He's not ridiculous looking, he doesn't talk to fish and he never yells outrageous.  (Thank goodness, that habit ruined Batman: Brave and the Bold for me!)  This Aquaman has a human father and an Atlantean mother and was raised among humans but he doesn't feel accepted by them now that they know he's Aquaman.  Arthur's wife, Mera is probably my favorite character in the book, especially in this one.  She is probably the one thing in the world that he's afraid of and she kicks some serious butt.  I love that Mera is like Diana (Wonder Woman)-  a female warrior who is not defined solely by her marriage/family.  In the book, humans try to put that on Mera- they call her Aquawoman- but she is strong in who she is and how she acts.  I love her.  I also love that she doesn't take any crap from her husband.  Arthur tells Mera about his time with The Others and goes to see the body of their Seer, who was killed by Black Manta in the last book.  Mera is left to watch the doctor until Arthur returns.  This book is beyond wonderful and I highly recommend it!  5 Flashes for Aquaman #8.

The Savage Hawkman #8-  Savage Hawkman is getting a new creative team in the coming months.  They have said in an interview that their goal is to bring more SAVAGE to The Savage Hawkman.  Sounds intriguing.  Hawkman is one of the darker comics in DC but not the darkest by far.  In this book, Hawkman is still in New York City after fighting Gentleman Ghost and his army of the undead with STATIC.  He has a run in with an alien shape shifter who he's dealt with before.  She has cryptic information for him and Hawkman's pretty nonplussed about it.  We also see his mild mannered alter ego in this one as Carter Hall visits an old girlfriend and her dad, one of Carter's professional contacts.  Hawkman is a comic character who has stood the test of time and is still relevant today!   Savage Hawkman #8 earns 3 Flashes for a good story and an interesting hero.

Next week, our pull list is inflated a bit by the extra comics that are part of the Night of the Owls event.  We'll be getting our usual Green Arrow and  we'll be picking up Batwing and possibly Detective Comics as Night of the Owls cross over books.  I think the Teen Titans Annual should be out next week as well.  AND remember that FREE COMIC BOOK DAY is occuring NATIONWIDE on May 5 so go out and check out your local store!

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