Friday, May 18, 2012

Flash Friday!

Well, it has been a crazy couple of weeks in comics!  We're in the middle of the Night of the Owls event that is occurring across the Bat-world and The Culling event that is going on between the Teen Titans, Superboy, Legion Lost and Ravagers books.  We've been having some trouble getting our books on time as well.  There have been pretty severe damages at our store over the past two weeks.  We are still missing our copy of Batman from last week and our store had no usable Catwoman books in the boxes for today.  They also must not have gotten the memo that the genius Marcus To has been moved to Batwing because they did not order enough books to cover all the new readers.  Our is still on order.  So, today I have reviews for Batman & Robin, Red Hood & the Outlaws, Birds of Prey, Batgirl and Nightwing.  Night of the Owls, here we come!

Batman & Robin #9-  Damian is on his own in the city, apparently searching the sewers, when Alfred's All Call to the Bat Family goes out.  His first instinct is to rush to his father's aid.  (Love this!)  But Alfred gives him the mission of protecting one of Gotham's top military men from a Talon.  There is nothing about this issue that I don't like.  Damian loves his dad, gets a jet pack and kicks some butt.  We get to see his leadership abilities and his swordsmanship skills put to the test.  I love Damian Wayne like no one's business and this title's reputation for being solid gold continues with the Night of the Owls.  You have beautiful art, great characterization and tons of action.  Tomasi really knows his characters and how to make them shine.  This one earns 5 Flashes because it is perfection.  Absolute perfection.

Batgirl #9-  I don't usually read Batgirl because honestly, it's hard for me to see Barbara Gordon as Batgirl.  She's been Oracle so long and so well that it's ... uncomfortable to see her as Batgirl again.  But with the Night of the Owls, I really want to see everything from all sides to get the whole picture of this epic event that has the Bats taking Gotham back from the Owls.  I actually enjoyed this book as we watch Barbara try to protect her father.  She has to fight a Talon with an incredible origin.  Barbara had plenty of classic Batgirl attitude but the art felt a bit flat.  Especially Alfred's face... he was not himself.  Overall, this crossover edition was worth the read and really brought a great bit of the story together in the overall picture of the Night of the Owls.  This book earns 4 Flashes for a great story with tons of action, interesting plot points and a great characterization of Barbara Gordon.

Red Hood & the Outlaws #9-  I really don't want to like this book as much as I do.  Scott Lobdell is to me what Dinkleberg was to Timmy Turner's dad on Fairly Odd Parents.  But Kenneth Rocafort is amazing.  His art is gorgeous and his layouts are super dynamic.  The only artist who can out dynamic him is Francis Manapul, king of The Flash.  This book showcases the beauty of all of the characters in this book.  EVERY ONE.  We get close ups of Roy's face that make me want to hug him.  His eyes are so big and expressive.  Jason and his Talon have a "you died and came back and it sucks?  I know that feeling, bro." moment that will just tear your heart to bits.  Jason is back in Gotham and reaching out to his family, even if he has convinced himself that he's here for the city and not the people he left behind.  Roy was really looking like his old self in this one.  He has some wicked trick arrows and he proves that he is not dead weight on this team.  The whole book even made Starfire palatable and she is my least favorite comic character of all time.  So, I have to give this issue of RHATO 5 Flashes for a gorgeous book with an epic story.

Nightwing #9- WOW!  This issue continues where we left off in Nightwing #8.  Dick is fighting his Talon to keep the mayor and his deputy safe.  It's a heart wrenching battle that leaves the reader at least as drained as it leaves Dick Grayson.  The dialogue is so classic Dick that you find yourself smiling a bit as he lays out his feelings on destiny. What an epic battle for the ages.  The action is dynamic and the story is fascinating.  Dick Grayson is easily one of my favorite characters in the DC comics universe and this book just reaffirms that.  The art is lovely and the details are great.  I still don't love the new suit but it's a small complaint.  This one earns 5  Flashes for an epic comic that has it all.  I will warn those who have issues with blood that there is a fair amount of it in this book.  Dick's fight is not easy.

Birds of Prey #9-  Birds of Prey is a new title on my pull list.  The comic girls on Tumblr have been raving about it and I love Black Canary so I gave it a try and I am absolutely loving it.  I love strong willed ladies working together to kick some butt.  The girls have each others' backs no matter what and they face some insane challenges.  Watching them beat their Talon into submission is pretty great.  He calls them strumpets and street vermin and they cut him in half.  Batgirl comes rushing in to help the Birds get their creep on ice and Poison Ivy proves useful.  All in all, the girls show their mettle as they band together and put down the Talon.  It's a rousing ride from the Birds of Prey that will leave them owning Poison Ivy and it doesn't sound like a thank you card will do.  Who knows where the Birds will head next!  This book earns 4 Flashes for plenty of butt kicking and girl power!

Next week, we'll have Justice League, Blue Beetle, Arkham Unhinged, and Superboy.  I can't wait and I hope you'll join me right back here!

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