Friday, June 22, 2012

Flash Friday!

Howdy everyone!  It's that time again for new comics!  This week we got: Nightwing, Birds of Prey, Red Hood & the Outlaws, Blue Beetle, Young Justice and of course, Astonishing X-Men #51.  The cover of the milestone Astonishing X-Men is gorgeous and the writing within is beautiful too.  I can't say I'm a fan of the last page because Northstar and Wolverine have had a pretty rough past but let's hope that Northstar will be afforded some amount of respect in this series.  Now, on to the other comics!

Blue Beetle #10-  Jaime is still having a tough time of it in New York.  His parents have to resort to calling in the cavalry to try and find him.  Poor Jaime needs some help figuring out this hero thing so he resorts to contacting the government.  Big mistake or great idea?  The creeps at Super Fail are still on Blue Beetle's case.  Jaime just can't get a break! The last page is my absolute favorite because it reveals a character who should have a lot to do with Blue Beetle.  I want to know what he's up to and if he's there to help Jaime or to hinder his progress.  I guess we shall see next month.  I really enjoyed this month's Blue Beetle but I miss the joy that Jaime used to have.  In some ways I think taking the reboot as dark as DC did might not have been a good idea. I don't know.   Blue Beetle #10 earns 4 Flashes for good art, an interesting story line and an EPIC cliff hanger!

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Nightwing #10-  Dick Grayson leads a strange life for sure.  He owns a circus.  He has a night job that can be a real pain.  He doesn't want to ask his sort of dad for money for his new business idea.  He met his undead great grandfather who didn't like him much a while back.  Oh, and someone is trying to frame him in a murder.  I love that Dick has this hope to fix things for Haly's Circus and for Gotham and that he's his usual optimistic self.  It's nice.  I also appreciated that Dick wants to do something on his own without Bruce's help.  He's trying so hard to be his own man.  It's really crazy though to see how stacked the odds are against him right now.  The one thing that I really find lacking in the current Nightwing series is Dick's humor.  He's usually the one to make the quips and puns that keep things from being far too heavy.  He recently showed more humor in one issue of Batwing than he has in his entire series.  I can't wait to see how Dick finds his way out of this latest mess and I have a feeling that he's going to need some help.  (Hopefully Damian or Tim will come to their big brother's rescue.)  I give this one 4 Flashes for a good comic that can only get better.

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Red Hood & the Outlaws #10-  This issue was another one from RH&TO that had me shaking my head a bit.  This issue is just one improbable event after another.  Note, there are spoilers ahead.  First, we get a full page reminder that Roy and Kori are sleeping together.  But at least she's covered in the sheet.  Then Jason gets attacked by the flight attendant he took out on a date.  He's trying to give her the brush off and she's refusing to get it. Then things get wild at the hotel and while Roy has the time to completely dress before grappling down the building to deal with the threat, Kori is only wearing the bed sheet.  Really?  I get that she has no body shame- and power to her.  But common sense says that you face a threat either armed or at the very least not with one arm holding up a nasty hotel sheet.  Then suddenly they are being wisked into space- with the girl Jay has been trying to get rid of.  Then the boy look at each other and say "who knew Kori was so bad ass" and "that's MY girl."  Really?!  You can't have it both ways, Lobdell.  Either they know she kicks butt and they're proud of her for it or they don't and they're shocked to see it.  I really want to like this book because I love Roy and Jason.  I love seeing Roy as more average.  As Red Arrow and Arsenal before the reboot, he's always beyond built and his character is always big and loud on the outside and it was like the only time we really saw Roy was when he was with Lian.  Now, we see more of the real Roy again.  Roy who is trying to be something better than what he was.  He's such a great character in this incarnation but I feel like he gets passed over in favor of Starfire.  Jason... Jason is lovely when Rocafort draws him.  Just lovely.  And it's nice to see Jay as something other than a raving psychopath (like he was in Batman and Robin back prior to the reboot).  But Jason has so much depth and promise that we're not really seeing.  I really expect more from this book.  I want more from it.  This one gets three stars for dynamic and beautiful art without a lot of substance.

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Birds of Prey #10-  Wow.  Birds of Prey is a book that we picked up late in the game.  I'd heard great things about this title all over Tumblr before I added it to our pull and it has been so worth it.  I love this book.  It features strong female characters doing amazing things wearing sensible outfits that you believe that they actually designed.  The on thing I do not like about this book is, unfortunately, Batgirl.  I'm not sure that I really like Barbara as Batgirl.  She's really... I don't know how to desccribe it but not right.  In this book she gives Dinah crap for telling Bruce off after the events of the Night of the Owls.  Yeah, we get he had a hard couple days but so did EVERYONE ELSE.  I didn't like the way that Barbara spoke to Jason after he came to their aid on the Night of the Owls.  I really wish she was still Oracle.  I'd feel more comfortable about her in that position than as Batgirl.  Especially since a 20 something is hardly a girl.  But I digress.  I love Black Canary in this one.  She's fulfilling a promise to a friend.  She's like Batman on the best of days.  Strong, faithful and trustworthy.  Ev is a great character too in much the same vein.  I love that the core ladies of the BOP are all about being themselves- strong women with baggage just trying to help out.  It's so awesome to see this title in the New 52.  I wish Catwoman was this great.  Birds of Prey #10 earns 5 Flashes for a great book with a strange twist in regards to Black Canary's abilities.  

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Next week we'll have Teen Titans, Savage Hawkman, Aquaman, Batman Incorporated, Justice League, The Flash and Superman Family Advantures.  I also plan on taking an extra trip to the comic shop Friday after my doctor's appointment to dig through the older comic boxes for some Wonder Woman books for my daughter and the Birds of Prey #8 that we some how missed.  Last week I found tons of great Anita Blake books, a Red Hood: Lost Days, a Robin I needed and the rest of the Dark Reign: Young Avengers book I needed.  Hope your weekend is lovely and see you back next week!

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