Friday, June 29, 2012

Flash Friday!

Howdy and welcome back to Flash Friday!  This week's pull was huge!  We got: The Flash, Aquaman, Savage Hawkman, Arkham Unhinged, Justice League, Teen Titans, Batman Incorporated and our kiddos got the new Superman Family Adventures.  Let's start with the Flash since it is his day and all.

The Flash #10-  What a beautiful book!  Marcus To helps out Francis Manapul with this issue of The Flash.  What beautiful art!  Flash is up against Weather Wizard, Marco Mardon, the head of the Mardon crime family.  Flash is also racing against time to save the girl he loves, Patty, from Mardon's goons.  This book is so dynamic and lovely... Marcus To has done a perfect job of keeping his work compatible with the general look of Flash that Francis Manapul has created.  This book is gorgeous and the story is both exciting and heart wrenching.  If you aren't reading The Flash- you are missing out.  It's easily my favorite of the New 52.  I give this book 5 Flashes for having it all: a great story and lovely art.

Find It: In Print on MyComicShop or Digital at Comixology

Teen Titans #10-  This may be one of the best issues of the Teen Titans yet.  Superboy and Wonder Girl find the others.  Bart runs with dinosaurs and macks on Solstice.  The Titans return to the real world.  This issue has some great moments.  Bart is finally happy and you really get to see a bit of that character that we all loved before the reboot.  Superboy hugs Tim.  There's hope for their epic, World's Finest friendship.  The art is lovely as always but a good amount of the dialogue falls flat as usual.  The hug is great but felt a tad forced.  Tim had to have Bunker talk some sense into him which was awkward for me to read but it had to happen.  If the reboot is treating this like his first leader experience, then he will second guess himself.  I'm interested to see what happens next.  I've heard that we'll get to see Bunker and Kon together in New York.  That should be interesting.  Teen Titans earns 4 Flashes for this issue that I love so much that I'm buying an extra.

Find it: In Print on MyComicShop or Digital at Comixology.

Batman Incorporated #2-  Talia al Ghul is at war with Batman and her father.  She believes that she has killed her son and that now she can take down Batman and Gotham.  While Ras al Ghul may be impressed with her, I'm not.  Batman will kick her crazy butt.  This book is basically all the Talia al Ghul backstory that you could ever need.  There are some funny or interesting scenes but overall, I want to see more Damian.  However, Ras al Ghul picking up Talia's mom at Live Aid and him holding her up Lion King style were pretty funny.  But at the moment, I don't like Talia one bit.  Any one who can hurt their own child is evil in the worst way.  I can't wait to see Bruce kick her butt.  I'll enjoy every moment of it.  I just hope Damian doesn't have to see just how awful she is.  But there's a reason that Grant Morrison has the reputation that he does.  I give this one 3 Flashes because it honestly wasn't as good as the previous book. It's important to the story arc but not great on its own.

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Arkham Unhinged #3-  This issue focuses on the animousity between the Joker and Penguin before Arkham City and inside it.  The art is great and I enjoyed the play between Joker and Penguin.  You get bits and pieces of it in the video game but not as fully as in this comic. It's also interesting to see the work inside Arkham City that Batman put in prior to the moment that he gets locked in at the beginning of the game.  This series is a great one for fans of the game and Batman fans as well. The numbering in the digital comics is different and each print book compiles what looks like 3 digital ones.  I give this issue 4 Flashes for an interesting story that helps bring the world of Arkham City to life.

Find It: In Print on MyComicShop or Digital on Comixology.

Next week will have Green Arrow and the other three issues left from this week.  Hope to see you back then!

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