Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Touch Morbid (A Touch Trilogy #2) by Leah Clifford

I was lucky enough to get a signed copy of A Touch Morbid, the sequel to last year's A Touch Mortal, at BEA this year.  I really enjoyed A Touch Mortal and I love that Leah Clifford lives very close to where I grew up.  Here's the Goodreads blurb:

Eden won the battle-she saved her true love from the darkest evil. But the war has only just begun. With secrets swirling around her, powerful allies unraveling, and life-and death-as she knows it eroding, Eden and those she loves tread dangerous ground. Can she trust anyone? Will her unearthly powers be her salvation or her downfall? A sweeping, dark, and sexy paranormal romance that will haunt readers with an inventive mythology and a cinematic New York City filled with shadows and longing.
I really loved A Touch Mortal because it was a really unique story that had something that is pretty run of the mill: Angels.  There's nothing expected or tame about Leah Clifford's world.  She's created a dark, gritty world within the one that we all know so well.  She's incorporated angels in a way that no one else has and it's just lovely.  I enjoy the characters so much but I really felt that while we got to know Jarrod better in Morbid, we got far less Eden and that maybe the changing viewpoints in this one kept us from getting close to the characters and pulled into their stories.  I really don't know if that is what did it but I felt that this one was more like watching a movie than being pulled along with the characters, which is how Mortal felt to me.  I liked hearing more from Jarrod and getting to see more of Kristen.  I really don't like Kristen at all after Morbid.  I feel like I should feel sorry for her and I do, but I also feel like she's a user and not a leader.  Her group of Siders would be better off with Eden or Sebastian in charge of them.  Kristen's kinda evil.  She sees them all for what they can do for her or give her and not what she owes them.  Kristen's just not right and she really needs to not be around others.  Period.  Gabe just shredded my heart in Morbid.  He really did.  He was also the one on the last page that had me gasping and throwing the book down, angry that there wasn't more.  Jarrod ... what to say about Jarrod.  He is just as sweet and loyal as the day is long. Reading his viewpoint is a treat.  All in all, there was something about this one that made it hard for me to get as excited while reading as I did for Mortal but that being said, I'm waiting impatiently for A Touch Menacing to come out early in 2013.

You can find out more about Leah Clifford and the A Touch Trilogy by checking out her website and blog.  You can also find her on Twitter and Facebook.  Clicking these words will take you to A Touch Trilogy on Goodreads.  Clicking here will take you to A Touch Morbid on Goodreads.  You really should check out Leah and her books because she's a seriously fun person.  A Touch Morbid earns 3 Fairies because while I did enjoy it, it just didn't grab me the way that A Touch Mortal did... until the very last page.  I'm still so excited for A Touch Menacing!

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