Friday, August 31, 2012

Flash Friday!

We had a full Pull Box this week at the comic shop!  I also found some neat old Titans comics in the quarter boxes and some that I needed for my Flash and Robin collections in the $2 boxes.  Score!  This week had so many comics that I'm going to break it down a bit.  This week I'll review The Flash 12, The Flash Annual, Teen Titans 12 and Justice League 12.

The Flash #12-  This book is just amazing.  It's got the start of Flash's first big Rogue team up.  We get to see The Pied Piper back in action for the first time in the New 52.  The art is lovely and this book brings the first time that the Flash meets the Glider.  She used to be a pretty dull villain pre-reboot but she really shows what makes the Rogues who they are.  The Flash's rogues have always been about the score first and foremost.  They don't usually want to take over the city or kill the Flash.  It usually isn't about revenge with them.  They are cons trying to make a quick buck as easily as they can.  That's what the Rogues led by Captain Cold have really always been.  Glider's rogues are all about killing lots of people and making Flash and Dr. Elias pay.  It's all about revenge. We see Mirror Master for, I think, the first time in the New 52.  Sam Scudder (the first Mirror Master) returns in the New 52 and is involved with Glider.  I also enjoyed the new look for The Trickster.  He was involved with a story in Voodoo but this is his first appearance as a rogue.  This Trickster is Axel Walker (the second Trickster).  What a great book!  Barry is true to character in this one too.  He's so genuine and good and even faced with Elias' double cross- he doesn't seek revenge.  He stays positive.  I give this issue 5 Flashes for a perfectly wonderful Flash book.

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The Flash Annual #1-  This annual is a work of art.  Truly.  There's beautiful art from Francis Manapul and Marcus To.  Great writing from Manapul and Buccellato.  There is nothing I didn't love about this book.  Hartley Rathaway's significant other rushes to his side when he is injured trying to fight the rogues.  He doesn't care who sees him rush to his lover's aid.  Beautiful.  So glad to see that being gay in the DC Universe does equate to being alone and celibate anymore.  I think this may be the first time that we've seen Piper with someone.  We see that Flash has somehow dropped Turbine in the present time.  He's been picked up by the Central City PD and is being questioned while the Rogues run wild in the city.  There is so much action and Barry is constantly thinking and moving.  It's really exciting.  He works with Cold at one point and just when things get really weird... Grodd appears.  Oh snap!  The story will break after this issue for the zero issue in September and then we'll see the rogue war pick back up in issue 13.  I loved this annual and give it 5 Flashes.  

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Teen Titans #12-  This issue focuses on Tim and Kon trying to save Cassie from Wonder Girl's armor.  It's great to see Tim and Kon working together.  It is also nice to see Bart and Kiran taking care of Miguel while the others are out.  They are starting to really gel as a team.  I like the banter between Bart and Kiran too.  Bart in the New 52 has taken some getting used to but I still love some Kid Flash.  Bart is a lot more street wise in the New 52 but he still has tons of charm and humor to him.  The art in this issue is beautiful as always.  Brett Booth does lovely work.  After Tim and Kon bring Cassie back to herself by seperating her from the armor, this ex-boyfriend creep Diesel shows up.  Cassie tells the boys thanks for helping but she needs to get the armor back for the sake of the world.  So it sounds like we'll be getting more of Cassie's back story and be seeing more of this Diesel guy.  In the extra story at the end of the book, we see Bart and his new friend Terry (Teryx) trying to deal with the evolved animals left in the wake of the dinosaurids that they are tracking.  Bart has some great lines and I can't wait to see more from this story line.  I'm really enjoying Teen Titans so far.  It's not perfect but it is worth the read.

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Justice League #12-  There is no Shazam back up story in this issue of Justice League.  This issue brings us to the end of the Villain's Journey story.  There has been some scandal about this book but overall, this story shows a turning point for the members of the Justice League.  They have to admit their faults and mistakes and move on.  One member leaves and others get closer together.  Aquaman makes a play for leadership.  We get to see more of Barry and Hal's friendship which has not been shown in The Flash yet.  Overall, I kinda liked this issue but I was really missing the Shazam back story.  I hope that in the zero issue, we'll FINALLY get to see Billy Batson yell Shazam and become the wizard's champion.  We shall see I guess.  This issue dovetails with the Justice League International annual and gives us a peek at what is in store for the Justice League in the second year of the New 52.  I really liked this book but there is room for improvement.  I give this issue 3 Flashes.  

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I hope you'll join me next week for more comics and reviews! 

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