Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Happy Cursed Release Day!

Today is the release day for Cursed by Jennifer Armentrout!!  I had the extreme good fortune of meeting her at BEA and I have to say that I was somewhat shocked to find out that she is, in fact, human and not a robot!  I had thought that she must be a robot because how else can one woman write so many amazing books over the course of ONE YEAR??  Seriously.  So, to celebrate the release of Cursed, I have a few things for you all.  I have the book trailer for Cursed, links so you can find Cursed and stalk Jennifer on the 'Net.  I also have a little fan letter to Jennifer Armentrout, from me to her.  So, let's start with the Cursed info!

Check out Jennifer's Blog
Jennifer also has an official website

Here is the book trailer (voiced by the awesome Kendra Saunders who I also met at BEA):

And now, the fangirling.

Dear Jennifer,

I have no idea how you manage to write the Lux series, the Covenant series and Cursed all at the same time.  You seriously rock.  You manage to write more than one series at once AND keep both of them AMAZING!  You even made me like aliens and I would have never thought that possible until Daemon came along.  Seth made me love Pure and is making me nervous about reading Diety.  Cursed is a lovely book with a lovely cover.  Is there anything that you can't do?!  I hope that you will continue to be awesome and that I will see you again at BEA next spring!

Keep the amazing books coming you rockstar!


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Gina M said...

I haven't read anything of Jennifer L. Armentrout's before until I read Cursed. Cursed was fantastic! It only took me a day or two to get through it and I loved it. I wasn't able to meet her at BEA but the lovely people at Spenser Hill Press gave me some of her books to read when I told them I hadn't read anything from her. She is a fantastic writer and I really can't wait to read more of her work! Happy reading!