Saturday, December 1, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Hop!

Happy Holidays and welcome!  I have two giveaways for you all! For International entrants, I have a set of handmade origami bookmarks.  The bookmarks are, somewhat ironically, made from well loved comic and book pages.  I love origami bookmarks because they just hold the page so well!  They don't fall out and get lost when my kids knock my current read off my nightstand.  I have even had a book with one in it in my purse while I ran errands and it held my page.  Love origami bookmarks!  For the US entrants, I have two kusudama ornaments up for grabs.  The first winner will get their choice of the comic book one or the one made of book pages and the other winner will get the other ornament.  The ornaments are handmade by me out of well loved copies of comics and books.  You can see the kusudama in the following pictures.

These are some of the kusudama that I make.  There are 52 individual petals in one ornament.  The ball is made up of 12 individually made flowers that is then glued together to form the ball.  The center of each blossom has a rhinestone.  You can hang the ornament on a Christmas tree or anywhere else that you might want.  It has a ribbon that it hangs from.  The ball is about 4 inches across.  You can find similar kusudama in my Etsy Shop and on my Facebook Page.

Please enter below on the correct Rafflecopter.  Standard rules apply.  Winner must be 13 yrs. of age or older and must reply within 48 hours of me contacting them.  They must also be willing to give the address for their prize to be sent to.

a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway


Donna McBroom-Theriot said...

Beautiful giveaway! Merry Christmas. I'm on the hop too. Donna

Lisa Cox said...

Just love those ornaments. So gorgeous. And creative!
Thanks for the chance to win one.

YelenaC said...

Gorgeous ornaments!

Mer said...

Gorgeous! What a perfect ornament for a book lover's tree!

Anonymous said...

These are so pretty :D