Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Iron King Manga Indiegogo

Julie's amazing art of the potential cover- it all belongs to her of course!

My good friend Sara from Novel Novice is working with Julie Kagawa herself on a super exciting project!  They are using Indiegogo to raise the money to bring The Iron King to life in MANGA FORM!  Julie is an amazing writer and artist so you know that this project has to happen because she won't put out anything that  is less than great.  There are only 33 days left to raise the start up money that is needed.  The current total is $2,273 of the $10,000 that is needed.  Those who donate will get cool stuff in exchange for their donation.  There are so many levels that you can help at.  Even a dollar is a help.  So why not skip the coffee this week and donate that money to a great cause that will last a lot longer than the coffee will?

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