Monday, April 15, 2013

Banded Brothers Series by Amber Kell

I stumbled across Amber Kell's work on Amazon a month or so ago.  I like to mix up my reading list to try to keep from getting burnt out.  I will usually throw some fun, fast reading in between long emotionally draining books.  I was looking for a quick, romantic read when I bought To Have a Human, the first in the Banded Brothers Series.  It was great- just what I needed.  I fell in love with all of the characters and their family of choice.  I have issues with people in my life that are related by blood or marriage but who has proven themselves to be untrustworthy.  The people have been the kindest and left the greatest marks on me are those people who are members of my family by my choice.  I love that these 4 men came together as friends and brothers to support one another no matter the cost.  It's just awesome.  Each character that Amber Kell brings into her work is so rich and interesting.  The books are small but mighty.

Sometimes it’s the family you choose that loves you the most.

Carey Gale always knew about shifters. It was difficult not to know when your best friends could turn into some of the deadliest beasts. When he gets a daytime job to support his band working at a shifter owned business, he doesn't expect to fall hopelessly in lust with Broden Lyall, the company’s alpha. Sadly, Broden thinks little of humans. He considers them helpless and weak. But when hunters come after Carey’s friends, Broden learns that not all humans are alike, and he will do anything to have one slim, blond human.

This book had all kinds of great things going for it. Carey is a really engaging character with a lot of personality.  It is kinda funny that in his little family of shapeshifting brothers, Carey is the Alpha male even though he is the only human.  Carey's dad is a military guy of the scariest order but he accepts his son and honorary sons as they are. He'll do anything to protect them and it's awesome.  This book was a lovely surprise.

Protect those you love, annihilate everyone else.

For as long as he could remember Denton Stills has followed his friend Carey around. When Carey gets a mate Denton starts to consider maybe it is time for him to find his forever man. However the only one sniffing around is an obnoxious puma who seems to think Denton is as good as his. When saltwater crocodile shifters try to move into Denton’s territory he takes a page from Carey’s father “protect those you love, annihilate everyone else. Will Denton be able to hold back a shifter invasion with his friends or will he have to ask for help from the one man who makes him thinks happily ever after might be possible?
Denton was a great character.  You don't see many reptile shapeshifters and I loved that Amber Kell made sure to draw parallels between Denton and his crocodile form.  The line about his heat rock was the BEST.  Denton and Isaac work together in interesting ways.  I really enjoyed this one.  Denton is a songwriter/guitar player for their band.  He's got a tough and confident exterior but a sensitive and sweet inside.  I loved watching the dynamic between Denton and Isaac.

When love is on the line, crossing it is the only path to take.

Eaton Franks has had his eye on Marty, the leader of the hawks, for a long time. After he rescues the bad boy, things take a tragic turn and it looks as if the gang leader might never fly again. When Eaton has the chance to use a sorcerer to fix the love of his life, little does he know it will lead to his own abduction.

Marty is beside himself when his eagle shifter is stolen. He knows they are mates and he’s willing to do anything to get him back. However, now he has to decide if he is willing to give up his hawk half in order to save his eagle. Sometimes love makes a man do crazy things.

I waited up all Sunday night for this book to come available.  I bought it and read it as soon as it was posted.  I really enjoyed seeing more from Eaton, Harris and Marty.  Eaton is a very cerebral guy who is working on his dissertation even though he already has a medical degree (because he wanted to know what it felt like to be a doctor).  He's never really been in a serious relationship but he's been crushing on Marty for a while.  Marty has come to terms with the fact that Eaton has to be his mate but local preternatural drama has put a wrench in the proceedings.  My main complaint with this book was that it read even faster than the previous two.  I think the climax and conclusion needs to be more drawn out.  Too much of the action is glossed over in the rush to the end.  But the characters were wonderful.  I really feel that that is the best part of Amber Kell's writing.

You can add the Banded Brothers Series to your Goodreads by clicking here.  You can also find out more about Amber Kell and her writing by checking out her blog.  She can also be found on Twitter.  The fourth book in the Banded Brothers series will be coming out in a couple months.  It'll be Harris's (a bear shifter) book.  

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