Saturday, April 20, 2013

Kontra's Menagerie Series by Charlie Richards

I have been reading this awesome little series that I stumbled on while digging around on Amazon for some good break it up reads.  (I like to put super fast and fun books in between my heavier and/or longer books.) I bought In The Eyes of Crazy first because it sounded so unique and awesome.  I loved it and the next night I bought another five of the books.  They are not super long or deep but more like little views into the lives of the men in this group as they each fond that one person made just for them.  They are adult books for sure and have between 2 and 3 graphic scenes in each book but I love them.  I go back and reread them when other things have me feeling burnt out on reading.  If they sound like your kind of thing, try them.  I love all of the out of the box thinking that must go into the series.  There are shifters of every kind.  Caleb is a chameleon.  Adam is a white tiger.  Payson is a hyena.  Kontra is a bear.  Eli is a doctor and a python.  Yuma is a penguin.  Everyone is different and they defy stereotypes of typical shape shifters.  So fun!

You can click here to find the series on Goodreads.  You can also find more about Charlie's other books on her website.

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