Friday, June 14, 2013

A Tale of Two Daddies by Vanita Oelschlager

I received a copy of A Tale of Two Daddies from VanitaBooks, LLC in exchange for an honest review.  Here is the cover and Goodreads blurb:

A Tale of Two Daddies is a playground conversation between two children. The boy says he heard that the girl has two dads. The girl says that is right. She has Daddy and Poppa. True to a child's curiosity, practical questions follow. "Which dad helps when your team needs a coach? / Which dad cooks you eggs and toast?"

To which she answers: "Daddy is my soccer coach. / Poppa cooks me eggs and toast." It becomes clear that the family bond is unburdened by any cultural discomforts.
I really enjoyed this book.  It is perfect for kids to read alone or with a parent.  I am planning on buying this one for my kids soon.  It is catchy without being annoying.  The little girl gives a no nonsense tutorial to her friends about how her family works.  It would help other children understand that families can be different and still the same.  I loved that this book felt free to blur the lines of traditional gender roles as well.  Any child would benefit from reading this book.

I give A Tale of Two Daddies 4 Fairies for a lovely children's book that can help children with confusion on how families work.  You can click here to find it on Goodreads and here to find it on Amazon.

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