Friday, June 28, 2013

Golden Dunes of Renhala Cover Reveal!

Today I have a great cover reveal for you!  Today Amy Joy Lutchen is revealing the cover to the second book in her Renhala series.  Here is the Goodreads blurb:

How do you live with a secret so dark and so deeply woven into your being that it threatens to smother your very existence, with no known way out? Use it to your advantage.

Kailey Rooke, karmelean, and now a possibly unethical karma-for-hire, has spent the past year jumping from project to project, without any real hope for salvation. With repercussions from her actions at every turn, she discovers that as time goes on, she loses a bit more of herself to that which feeds on her anguish, that which is thriving inside her own body.

When a new contract to find a missing girl arises, Kailey attempts to put her past and its associated problems on the back burner, but she soon finds out that treachery and deceit lie shortly ahead in Golden Dunes, only giving face to new problems, with one leading right back to her childhood past.

She struggles to complete her contract as her own life teeters on a fulcrum, constantly tipping according to karma’s whim. How long will she keep her balance? Which way will she fall?

Are you ready for the cover?  I think it is warm and inviting.

You can click here to add the series to your Goodreads.  You can also find out more about Amy Joy Lutchen and her work on her blog, her website, Twitter and Facebook.

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