Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Valiant (A Modern Tale of Faerie #2) by Holly Black

If you know me, you know that I LOVE fairies.  I have them all over my house and in the garden.  So I have been really enjoying getting to read Holly Black's Modern Tales of Faerie.  Valiant is the second story in the Modern Tales of Faerie by Holly Black.  Here's the cover and Goodreads blurb:

When seventeen-year-old Valerie runs away to New York City, she's trying to escape a life that has utterly betrayed her. Sporting a new identity, she takes up with a gang of squatters who live in the city's labyrinthine subway system.

But there's something eerily beguiling about Val's new friends.
And when one talks Val into tracking down the lair of a mysterious creature with whom they are all involved, Val finds herself torn between her newfound affection for an honorable monster and her fear of what her new friends are becoming.
Valiant was neat because it did not jump right back in with Kaye and Roiben.  It introduces Val and shows how she gets drug into the world of fairy.  Val leaves home after finding out that her mom has been sleeping with her boyfriend.  Totally gross.  So Val leaves for the city and ends up running into a couple of kids who live in the subway.  Oh yeah, the kids also work for a troll by delivering his potions to fey exiles across the city.  I can't say that I much cared for Lolli and Dave but Luis seemed to be pretty awesome.  I hope we see more about him in Ironside.  Val's relationship with Ravus was pretty awesome.  It's definitely a new take on the troll, that's for sure.  This book is Young Adult but it contains homelessness, sexual scenes with dubious consent, drug use, under age drinking and under age smoking.  Please take all that into consideration.

You can also find out more about Holly Black and her other books on her website and you can follow her on Twitter!!  Click here to add Valiant to your Goodreads.  I give Valiant 3 Fairies for a super scary fairy story with some great twists.

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