Saturday, September 7, 2013

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Vol. 2 by Heather Nuhfer (writer) Amy Mebberson (art) Heather Breckel (coloring) Neil Uyetake (lettering) Bobby Curnow (editor)

I was terribly excited to be able to review this My Little Pony collected edition!  Our family has gotten kids comics since I started buying and collecting my own comics so when DC Comics let me down by cancelling a number of my kiddos favorite comics, we made the switch to IDW and My Little Pony is now our primary kid comic.  We're hoping that DC will redeem itself for the older boys with the upcoming Beware the Batman but we're not holding our breath.  My six year old twins LOVE the ponies.  My son Ian especially enjoys them.  His favorite is Rainbow Dash and he wants a Wonderbolt costume for our local Comic Expo.  Here's the cover and Goodreads blurb:

Get ready for another unforgettable adventure in the land of Equestria! Twilight Sparkle and gang are confronted with a perilous new danger in the form of a long-unseen enemy!
The art is absolutely gorgeous in this series and stays consistent with the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic cartoon on The Hub.  The colors are fun and bright.  The lettering is perfect for early readers.  All of the main characters from the cartoon and all of the supporting characters are involved in the stories.  The idea of different personalities coming together and being made better/stronger through their friendship.  They work through the return of Nightmare Moon and they do it together.  Just an all around great story line and book!  This book collects issues 5-8.  Highly recommend.

You can click here to add this volume to your Goodreads.  You can find the books for sale in print on My Comic Shop.  You can also buy it in Digital format on Comixology.  I give this collected edition 5 Fairies because this series is a staple in our house, the books hold their value and they are just plain awesome.

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