Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Joy of Geocaching: How to Find Health, Happiness and Creative Energy Through a Worldwide Treasure Hunt by Paul and Dana Gillin

In case you hadn't heard, geocaching has taken our house by storm.  The kids LOVE it.  It is a special treat for them to get to go caching and they love finding treasures hidden in strange places.  If you haven't heard of geocaching, you can check out to learn more.  Our family logged our first find in May and has logged a total of 54 finds, 4 hides, 1 First to Find, we have moved 8 trackables, and we've earned 2 souvenirs from  When I saw that our local library had not only a book on geocaching but an actual geocache at the library, I had to check this book out and solve the puzzle cache.  Here's the cover and the Goodreads blurb:

Describing the exciting and adventurous world surrounding geocaching—a worldwide hunt in which treasures are located using global positioning system (GPS) devices—this manual offers an understanding and application of the principles and best practices of the sport as well as information on the different types of caches and competitions. With rich illustrations complementing secrets culled from experts, this resource gives participants with basic knowledge new skills for enhancing their experience and provides a visual montage of the different kinds of spots hobbyists can expect to find in the field. Additionally, the dozens of interviews from dedicated geocachers exhibit how the pursuit of hidden treasures has helped people heal frayed marriages and establish new friendships—and even saved lives.
This book is a great beginners guide for aspiring geocachers.  I loved how the authors did tons of interviews with other geocachers to bring the point to the front that there is no right way to geocache.  Everyone has different ways to play the game within the few actual rules of the game.  Also, every cacher has different experiences based on their location.  The tips and anecdotes were great too.  Many of the stories had me laughing out loud and reading the funny bits out loud to my husband.  He is not a geocaching superfan but he still enjoyed the book.  I thought this book was just great!

You can find out more about geocaching on  You can also find the authors on their website and their blog.  You can click here to add the book to your Goodreads.  I give this book 4 Fairies for a great read about an activity that I love.

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