Saturday, November 16, 2013

After the Fall (Tucker Springs #6) by L. A. Witt

I was lucky enough to get a copy of After the Fall a book in the Tucker Springs series through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.  Here is the cover and the Goodreads blurb:

After years of saving every penny, Nathan has finally managed to buy the horse of his dreams. He’s looking forward to a summer of exploring the Colorado mountain trails above Tucker Springs with Tsarina. But on their very first ride, a motorcyclist makes a wrong turn, scaring Tsarina into bolting and leaving Nathan with a broken leg, a broken hand, and a ruined summer.

Ryan is a loner and a nomad, content with working odd jobs before moving on to the next town. Feeling guilty for causing the accident that leaves Nathan in two casts, Ryan offers to keep Tsarina exercised until Nathan heals.

Despite their bad start, Nathan and Ryan soon become friends . . . and then much more. But with a couple of nasty breakups in his past, Nathan doesn’t want feelings getting involved—especially knowing that Ryan will never settle down. But since when do feelings ever listen to reason?
This book was pretty adorable.  Nathan has to learn that love doesn't happen on your schedule.  You can fall for the more unlikely person just when you least expect it.  He doesn't want to fall for the self proclaimed nomad, Ryan, but it isn't like you can force yourself not to fall in love with someone.  As is the usual in romance books and in real relationships, better communication from the start would have made everything easier.  I found Nathan and Ryan to be really fun characters to read.  They both come from different places in life but they work together well.  Nathan is all about plans and Ryan is about letting life happen.  The control freak in Nathan is made more easy going by Ryan and Ryan's free wheeling attitude is brought to heel a bit by Nathan's need for control.  Ryan and Nathan both love horses and have interests in riding so that common thread is what begins to pull them together.  I also love how real Tucker Springs feels.  With every book in this series, it feels more and more real.  The town is just so realistically described and fleshed out.  I felt as if the ending was very abrupt.  It seemed rushed really.  I felt like it could have come to an end a little more slowly and naturally.  All in all this was an adorable read and I was glad to get to go back to Tucker Springs.

Click here to find After the Fall on Goodreads.  You can find out more about L. A. Witt on her website.   give After the Fall 3 Fairies for a fun read that just ended a bit abruptly for me.

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