Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Freshman Orientation (Pauer Bautam University #1) by Brandon Reed

I received Freshman Orientation through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.  Here is the cover and the Goodreads blurb:

Welcome to Pauer Bautam University... where gays... young and old... come to play.

Hunky college senior Ryan Kelly hasn't gotten any in weeks... but that's about to change. A new wave of freshmen are swarming the college campus, and he's got his eyes set on a young hottie named Sean. Will Ryan's dry spell finally come to an end?
I found this one to be not only super short but super shallow.  I felt like it needed more.  More development, more characterization and just more.  If you are looking for M/M erotica with no plot- then this is for you.  I like my characters to have a little more to them and I enjoy a lot more from the plot in a romance.  It seemed that all Ryan cared about was sex and getting it as often as he could.  His feelings for Sean do not come across as believable based on the little we see from Ryan.  Being in his head as I read this made me feel dirty and uncomfortable.  Ryan really came across as a worthless sleeze.  I felt really bad for Sean at getting taken in by Ryan.  The ending was too abrupt and just unbelievable from a creep like Ryan.  He didn't seem to have feelings of any kind and then he's suddenly dropping the L- word.  Not likely.  I would love to see more from Brandon Reed and I hope that this one was not an example of all his work.

You can find Freshman Orientation on Goodreads.  I give Freshman Orientation 2 Fairies for a book that just left me wanting more development and a better lead character.

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