Thursday, November 14, 2013

Will O' the Wisp by Tom Hammock (Author), Rebecca Taylor (Editor), Megan Hutchinson (Illustrations)

I received a copy of the graphic novel Will O' the Wisp through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  I was very excited for this graphic novel and it did not disappoint.  Here is the Goodreads blurb and the cover:

After her parents' accidental death by mushroom poisoning, young Aurora Grimeon is sent to live with her estranged grandfather on Ossuary Isle, deep in the southern swamps. Joined by her grandfather's pet raccoon Missy, Aurora explores the fog-covered island of graves. Along the way she meets its sinister residents who care for the tombstones and mausoleums, living out their lives by the strange rules of Hoodoo magic. When ghostly things start happening out in the swamp and island residents start disappearing, Aurora thrusts herself into the middle of the mystery, uncovering secrets that might be better left buried.
This was a spooky and interesting graphic novel that I plan to purchase for myself in print.  I loved the story and the detail put into it all.  I enjoyed the growth that we see in Aurora's relationship with Silver.  It was remarkably well done.  The level of detail into the world of hoodoo that Aurora was being plunged into was very interesting and not something that I had seen before.  This book is recommended for teens and I can agree with that in that the book is pretty creepy.  My one complaint is that the art style was not consistent throughout the book.  As a heavy duty comics reader (I read at least 10 titles a month from IDW, Marvel and DC), I am not only reading for the story but also the art.  The art should be consistently lovely throughout and not rushed on some pages as it was in this book.  The inconsistent art drove me a little bit nuts really and so I can't give this graphic novel 5 Fairies because of it.  Some of the pages were truly beautiful but there were at least as many that seemed rushed and unfinished.  But over all, the book was a worthwhile and engaging read.

You can find Will O' The Wisp on Goodreads.  I give this graphic novel 4 Fairies for a lovely story with some great art and some that was not so great.

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