Monday, May 5, 2014

A Wedding by Dawn by Alison DeLaine

I love a good historical romance.  Historical romances got me through so many dull times at work in high school and they helped me recharge in between studying my science textbooks in college.  Historical romances are like warm gooey mac n cheese or a super soft blanket on a cold winter day.  So I can never just browse past one when I'm making my way through NetGalley looking at the most recent additions.  With it being "spring" in Ohio, we have warm days and frigid days in quick succession.  I have spent a number of days lately curled up on a chair with a warm blanket, a good cup of tea and a historical romance.  I received a copy of A Wedding by Dawn through NetGalley from Harlequin.

A hellion on the run.

Lady India Sinclair will stop at nothing to live life on her own terms—even stealing a ship and fleeing to the Mediterranean. At last on her own, free to do as she pleases, she is determined to chart her own course. There's only one problem…

A gentleman determined to possess her.

Nicholas Warre has made a deal. To save his endangered estate, he will find Lady India, marry her and bring her back to England at the behest of her father. And with thousands at stake, he doesn't much care what the lady thinks of the idea. But as the two engage in a contest of wills, the heat between them becomes undeniable…and the wedding they each dread may lead to a love they can't live without.

India was kind of annoying but I still enjoyed seeing a woman who refused to do what the men in her life wanted her to do. Nicholas was an interesting character. If you took him at face value, he seemed like a creep who would do anything to get the money that he needed but as the reader gets to know him, you get to see a whole new side of him. The story reminds us all that we shouldn't make up our minds about someone until we've walked a mile in their shoes.  India and Nicholas begin as enemies but they end the book as partners against the world.  I really enjoyed this one.  I really did.  The idea of a woman wanting to be a lady pirate was great.  All of the characters are really well written.  What a great story!

You can click here to add A Wedding by Dawn to your Goodreads.  You can find more from Alison DeLaine on her website, Facebook and on Twitter.  I give A  Wedding by Dawn 4 Fairies for a lovely historical romance.

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