Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Educating the Platypus (Kontra's Menagerie #17) by Charlie Richards

The second Kontra's Menagerie book that I have read recently was Educating the Platypus.  Ah!  Platypus!  How cool!  Here's the blurb and the cover:

On the Road: Life’s blessings can come in the darkest moments.

Enjoying a last hoo-rah before another tough year of college begins, Kai Sudderson and his friends vacation in Kansas. He takes advantage of the secluded pond system behind his rented cabin to go swimming…in his platypus form. Living with his aunt and uncle, Kai had never met anyone else with the ability to turn into an animal. That is, until he gets himself snared in a beaver trap and a penguin shifter rescues him. Unable to pass up the opportunity for not only knowledge but medical treatment, Kai accompanies his new friend home. There, he meets Dorian Yaris, who—despite being so much older and having such a serious disposition—calls to Kai like no other. When Dorian explains about mates, will Kai consider the bonding thing with someone so obviously different or will he deny everything and return to his former life?
This was a fast paced (maybe even a bit rushed) story of a shifter who was not raised by shifters meeting his mate and having to come to terms with ALL of the parts of sharing his soul with a platypus.  I liked getting to know Dorian better, but I still found that I wanted more.  I always wish there was more to Charlie's books!  It's an interesting dichotomy in this pair because Kai is so young and naive about his shifter side and Dorian is so much older and so at home with his dominant shifter side.  Dorian must wait for Kai to come to terms with their mating before it can progress but they eventually work it out.

You can click here to find Kontra's Menagerie series on Goodreads. Charlie Richards can be found on her website, Twitter and on Facebook. I give Educating the Platypus 3 Fairies for a sweet story about a boy learning about himself and who he really is.

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