Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Love on an Owl's Wing (Kontra's Menagerie #18) by Charlie Richards

I adore the Kontra's Menagerie series.  I love how real and interesting all of the characters are.  I love the idea of men looking for the one special person that they are fated to be with.  (Most men I know act like they could care less about love and sharing a life with someone.)  The play of all of the different kinds of shifters working together is also so interesting.  My one real complaint with the series is that I always want MORE.  I want the books to be more full and fleshed out.  I want more of these characters.  But knowing that the stories will be short, they are still lovely short stories.

On the Road: Sometimes intervention comes from the most unexpected places.

Having been married at one time, over a century before, Luc Laurent never expects to find another to spend his life with. His confusion is understandable when his son hands him an extra helmet and tells him to hang onto it. Luc understands later that afternoon when he rolls his motorcycle to a stop in front of a fellow shifter’s home and discovers that the shifter’s cousin, Dylan Sudderson, is his mate. While the fact that his mate can walk only with the aid of crutches concerns Luc, it’s certainly not the deal-breaker Dylan seems to think it is. Luc is far more concerned about the fact that Dylan is human, so very young…and in the closet. While Dylan is more than happy to get physical with Luc behind closed doors, he’s afraid of losing his parents if they find out he’s gay.
What will it take to convince Dylan to not only come out of the closet, but accept that Luc shares his spirit with a European Eagle Owl?
Luc has spent so much of his time in the series (in my eyes anyway) as simply Tim's father.  It was nice to get to see him finding his other half.  He has had so much fear, pain and regret in his life and he deserves happiness.  It was also nice to see Tim catch his dad off guard.  Tim has really come into his own as a half warlock and you can really see that.  Dylan lives his life in fear that his parents will disown him if they find out who he truly is inside.  He also feels like no one could actually want him as anything more than a hook up because of his injuries.  Luc has to gently prove just how wrong Dylan is.  A sweet and heart warming love story for sure!

You can click here to find Kontra's Menagerie series on Goodreads. Charlie Richards can be found on her website, Twitter and on Facebook.  I give Love on an Owl's Wing 4 Fairies for a great story of a man who throws away his expectations to have total faith in love and fate.

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