Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Protector of Dragons (Dragons of Seattle #1) by Amber Kell

I love Amber Kell's Banded Brothers series and the Dragons of Seattle series is a spin-off of that series.  Banded Brothers is easily one of my favorite shifter series'.  In the Dragons of Seattle series, Amber Kell tells the story of the dragon that showed up at the end of To Kiss A Killer.

Secrets long hidden are brought to the surface on the shiny scales of a dragon.

After thousands of years petrified in stone Jiang is finally free. The search to find his friends leads him to the doorstep of Aden Gale. Will Jiang’s need for his comrades unravel a family’s hidden secrets?

Meeting pigeon shifter Kurtis changes everything for Jiang. Drawn to the sweet man, Jiang vows to find a way to end Kurtis’ curse. However, dark magic works against them and it will take the combined strength of many people to keep back the tide of destruction coming their way.

I really liked this one. Everything Amber Kell writes is fun, interesting and emotionally engaging. I really liked that Amber Kell brought the dragons, fu dogs and pheonixes to life in Seattle. She wove a great back story for them all. She did a lovely job of thinking out of the box with the were creatures that she brought into the world of the banded brothers. We learned a lot about how the dragons find their mates, how they fly and generally their backstories. I loved getting to see Aden, Broden, Carey, and the others. It brought the entire story together for me that they weren't just pushed to the side.

Amber Kell can be found on her blog, her website, Facebook, and Twitter.  You can find all of Amber Kell's books on her Goodreads page.  I give Protector of Dragons 4 Fairies for a great read about mythical shapeshifters and their place in the world of the Banded Brothers.

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