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Blood Entwines By Caroline Healy Blog Tour Guest Post


Blood Entwines by Caroline Healy is a YA Urban Fantasy published by Bloomsbury Publishing (Sparks). The tour runs October 20th- November 16th with reviews, interviews & guest posts. Check out the tour page and schedule.

Guest Post: Author Caroline Healy's Top Ten Books

The number ten…dix…Roman numeral X. Ten is a lovely round number, the first decade of life, the number of digits possessed by the average person, the perfect score in gymnastics. Ten is a nice easy number. Right?
Picking your top ten can’t-possibly-live-without books is not for the faint hearted. It was a struggle and the list has altered many times but for now (caveat – that I may change my mind at any second), here are the books that make my top ten.
Jane Eyre – the first classic I ever read. You always remember your first. The fact that Jane as a character still rings true today for so many readers is a feat that many writers could only dream of. The moral conviction, steely nature of her personality makes her the first kick ass feminist in 19th century literature. And her story is still readable and relevant today.
Since I am in the gothic period, I will stick with the classics. Pride and Prejudice, the heroine who kicks butt in the age of poise and decorum; what’s not to like about Elizabeth Bennet? The best part of this book is that Elizabeth is an excellent example of a flawed heroine, one that, even with all her faults, we still want to read about.  And Mr. Darcy is kinda hot too.
Harry Potter (Notice how I’m not saying which one. Is it cheating to put in a series in your top ten list of can’t-possibly-live-without books?).
Throne of Glass by S. J. Maas was unputdownable….
Crown of Midnight by S.J. Maas… see above. (currently waiting for her third book)
Geek Girl by Holly Smale made me laugh out loud, snorting my breakfast cereal down my nose at the kitchen table. I haven’t laughed out loud because of a book in a long time. It was the character of Wilbur that made me crack up. Books have that kind of power; to affect your mood and this definitely is a book that makes you smile. (adult version…the Rosie Project is a great read too…laugh out loud).
The Liveship Traders Trilogy by Robin Hobb is one of my all-time favourite fantasy series. I loved the premise of pirates and live ships and Hobb is skilled at creating whole lands populated with interesting characters. These books are over ten years old, written well before The Game of Thrones appeared to be the only high fantasy series in existence. An added bonus, this book is written by a female, helping to shift the gender balance of writers who produce epic fantasy.
Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman was one of the most important books I have read in a while and I think that everyone should read this series. It gives a whole new understanding to being difference and what it means to be accepted.
Patrick Ness’s More Than This, apart from the fact that in hardback, this is the best book cover I’ve seen in ages, was a really gripping book, dealing with modern issues, challenging stereotypes and populating Y.A. literature with a cross section from all walks of life. I loved the mixing of genres in this book too. Messing with your main character in the first page (I won’t give the story away); some brave authorial choices.
Divergent by Veronica Roth. I had gone off books for a while about dystopian worlds. I’m sorry to say that the Hunger Games didn’t do it for me. And I had just read Sarah Crossan’s Breathe which I enjoyed but wanted something a bit different. Divergent reignited my love of dystopian and Four is a hottie…so what’s not to like?
That’s my top ten…for now…but I still have so many books to read…So many books…so little time!

Blood Entwines cover july 2014
Blood Entwines by Caroline Healy

A dark compelling story of love and its more sinister elements…possession.

 In the aftermath of a blood transfusion that saved her life, Kara feels different. Her senses are stronger ... she can hear whispered comments not meant for her ears ... she can hear the person following her.

When Jack, her stalker, reveals himself and insists that Kara has something that belongs to him, she does her best to avoid him. But he’s determined to talk to her, convinced that they’re linked through the blood she received during her transfusion.

Jack is struggling against a dark and dangerous demon. His body is host to the evil power that wants Kara’s blood and will stop at nothing to get it. If Jack is able to gain control he can warn Kara. But which is stronger, the power of the blood they share or the force for evil. How can Kara help save Jack without risking her own life?

About the Author:
Caroline Healy is a writer and community arts facilitator. She recently completed her M.A. in
Creative Writing at the Seamus Heaney Centre, Queen’s University, Belfast.

She published her first, award winning collection of short stories, entitled A Stitch in Time in August 2012. Her work has been featured in publications such as Wordlegs, The Bohemyth, Prole and the Irish Writers’ Centre Lonely Voice.
She writes literary fiction and young adult fiction, with her Y.A. book Blood Entwines released with Bloomsbury Publishing in August 2014.
Caroline loves drinking tea from mis-matched china, doing yoga, as well as reading, writing, talking and thinking about all things bookish. She also has a penchant for cake and dark chocolate.

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