Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Myth and Magic: Queer Fairy Tales Anthology

I received a copy of Myth and Magic from Bold Stokes Books through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.  I have read a few fairytales that have been retold and even a few GLBT themed retellings but never a whole anthology of them.  Here is the cover and the blurb:

Myth, magic, and monsters—the stuff of childhood dreams (or nightmares) and adult fantasies.

Delve into these classic fairy tales retold with a queer twist and surrender to the world of seductive spells and dark temptations.

The Vain Prince - Andrew J. Peters
Beanstalk - Clifford Henderson
SWF seeks FGM - Allison Wonderland
A Hero in Hot Pink Boots - J. Leigh Bailey
Red - Andi Marquette
The Beanstalk Revisited - Rob Rosen
Heartless - Veronica Wilde
The Ivy and the Rose - Juliann Rich
Goldie and the Three Bears - Sasha Payne
Final Escape - Stacia Seaman
Sneewittchen (Snow White) E.J. Gahagan
The Red Shoes - Alex Stitt
The Princess and the Frog - Barbara Davies
The Snow King - Rhidian Brenig Jones
Riding Red - Victoria Oldham
Bad Girls - Jane Fletcher and Joey Bass

I found this anthology to be similar to others in that there is something for everyone but it seems like not everyone will like all of the stories. There are M/M and F/F stories in the anthology together. I found them to be different but all interesting. I loved The Red Shoes, which is a remarkably clean story in the anthology. It's about a boy who loves wearing a red dress and shoes even though it sets his mother off. His shoes are charmed to dance on their own and he dances right into the arms of a nice young man. Winning! The Snow King was lovely too. It is just so full of imagery that you can see everything so clearly and it is just so magical. Lovely. The Ivy and the Rose is a gorgeous retelling of Sleeping Beauty where the princess is saved by her maid and they live happily ever after. It is a great retelling. There are just so many different and wonderful stories in this anthology! I highly suggest you give it a try. There are some stories that are very adult in nature and some that are less so. There really is something for everyone.

You can click here to add Myth and Magic: Queer Fairy Tales to your Goodreads. I give Myth and Magic 4 Fairies for a great anthology of Fairy Tales with an adult GLBT bent.

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