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A Tangle of Fates Blog Tour!

Welcome to my tour stop for A Tangle of Fates by Leslie Ann Moore. This tour runs Feb. 2-13 with reviews, interviews, guest post & excerpts. Check out the tour page for more information.

About the Book:


The fates of three women. The fates of two peoples. The fate of one planet.

On Nuetierra, four hundred years have passed since the Great War. A new society has arisen on the ashes of the old.

Deanna Hernaan, daughter of Eduard, the former Alcalde of Nue Bayona, spends her days attending university and caring for her mentally damaged sister, Ceilia. Six years ago, her stepmother Lourdessa deposed her father, and now, as Alcalde, rules the city through patronage and oppression. Deanna remains apolitical, fearing Lourdessa’s power. Threatened by Deanna’s popularity with the common people, the Alcalde arranges for her assassination. Deanna survives, but is cast adrift in a hostile wilderness. She is rescued by a band of diminutive hunters—the Tiqui—members of a slave race she has only read about in history books. The hunters bring Deanna to their village, where she meets the Tiqui chieftess Yellow Bird. A remarkable woman, the ithani possesses the shamanic gift of foresight. Her visions have revealed to her that a young woman of the tall folk would come, one whose fate is inextricably entwined with that of the Tiqui—one who would bring disaster or salvation for all of Nuetierra.


Darkness. The feeling that large shapes hem her in on all sides is overwhelming. She tries to move, but her body is held fast by unseen hands gripping her arms and shoulders.
Yellow Bird! she cries. Help me!
Easy. I am here. Remember, none of this is real. Step out of your dream-self and become the watcher.
Deanna struggles to break free, but the grip of the hands grow stronger. I don’t know how!
Yes, you do. Let go of your fear! Concentrate!
Deanna relaxes, and the panic threatening to overthrow her sanity flows through her like water through a sieve, leaving calm in its wake. Her unseen bonds loosen. She steps away…
...and sees herself, standing before her stepmother in Lourdessa’s mayoral office, flanked by two huge shadows that ripple in the half-light, as if made of black water. They hold her arms pinned at her sides. Lourdessa sits at her desk, tapping nails like crimson daggers on the shiny wood. She regards her stepdaughter with a hatred so profound, Deanna wonders how it could exist whole within one person.
What did I ever do to you? Deanna asks.
You made me feel naked. Lourdessa flicks her hand. Sparks shoot from her fingertips and drift around the room like electric snowflakes. Take her away.
Deanna watches the shadow-Specials drag her dream-self, unprotesting, from the room. She turns and sees...Ceilia, crouching in the corner, a strange half-smile on her lips. Something in her eyes isn’t right.
The scene dissolves like smoke on a stiff breeze, to reveal a dim, trash-strewn alley. Deanna senses Yellow Bird’s steady presence, anchoring her to the unseen reality beyond this realm of drug-induced visions. She draws strength from it, and waits.
Soon, she hears rapid footsteps. Two figures plunge into the alley at a dead run. They hurtle toward Deanna, then skid to a stop several paces from where she stands. She cannot see them yet in the shadow. Their breaths rattle and wheeze in their throats. She hears stark fear when one of them catches enough breath to speak.
They’re right behind us, Zander!
Horrified, Deanna realizes that, somehow, Zander has been caught up in this deadly scene.
Mierda! This alley’s a dead end! he cries.
A black cloud congeals at the alley’s entrance. In eerie silence, it floats toward the shivering fugitives.
Deanna can only watch, helpless to intervene. I wanted to see this, she reminds herself.
Zander takes Deanna’s dream-self into his arms and kisses her with the passion of a man savoring the last beautiful thing he will feel before death.
The cloud becomes a pack of Specials. They halt and raise their ee-pistols. The barrels crackle with blue static.
Zander pushes dream-Deanna behind him, offering his body as a shield, paltry though it be, in a vain attempt to save her life.
This is your last chance to come with us, Deanna, one of the Specials shouts.
No, she whispers, then lays her head on Zander’s shoulders and closes her eyes.

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Leslie Ann MooreAbout the Author:

Leslie Ann Moore was born in Los Angeles, California at the tail-end of the baby boom and fell in love with the works of Ray Bradbury, Arthur C. Clarke, Andre Norton, and J.R.R. Tolkien at an early age.

A practicing veterinarian since 1988, Leslie put her dreams of writing fiction aside until she attended the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books in 2000. There, bestselling fantasy author Terry Brooks told her, “Don’t ever give up. Keep writing, no matter what.” Those words changed her life.

She published the first volume of her Griffin’s Daughter trilogy in 2012. A Tangle of Fates is the first volume of The Vox Machina trilogy, and will be published by Muse Harbor in August of 2014.

My Review
I don't know why but I was surprised to see that this book was so steampunk themed. I have never seen a steampunk book that manages to deal in space travel without losing the thing that makes it good steampunk. I found the pace to be great, it kept me reading and interested. The characters were lovely. They made me care about what happened to them. I loved that there was a good sense of mystery but that the book remained detailed and vivid. I loved the mixture of sci fi and mystery. This book is clean enough for mature YA readers but I would think it is most properly called an New Adult book. I greatly enjoyed this one!!


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