Saturday, April 11, 2015

Gone Reading Product Review

I was recently contacted by Brad from Gone Reading to see if I would like to review more items from Gone Reading.  I, of course, said yes.  What an honor!  I loved the items I reviewed last summer from Gone reading.  I received three items from Gone Reading: BookBax Pro, TravelFlex Booklight, and the Paperback Lotion. Here's my review!


The BookBax is a very handy holder for books, tablets and e-readers.  It is simple to turn the pages while you have a book in the BookBax Pro.  There is a clip system that both holds the pages down in even the most violent winds when you read outside and allows you to turn the pages with ease.  It can hold the pages down while your book is in your lap or it can be used like an easel to hold your book up on a table while you read.  My husband and I tested the BookBax with large and small hardcover books, paperback books, comic book trade paperbacks and my Kindle.  It help up my e-reader perfectly with the non slip resting surface.  All of the books we tried worked perfectly.  I was able to sit out in the yard on a blustery March day as I watched the children play and my reading was not interrupted by the wind ruffling my pages.  A wonderful multi use reading tool!

TravelFlex Booklight

The Travel Flex is a sweet little book light that solves all of the problems that I found with booklights as a kid.  (I may have owed a fair few in my day while reading in the middle of the night under my blanket.)  This small little reading light is truly LIGHT.  It folds nicely to fit a pocket, purse or backpack and it doesn't weigh down your book as you read paperbacks.  The light is perfect for reading in the dark without bothering those near you.  It would be perfect for long train rides or flights when you have near neighbors while trying to read.  I found that the light allowed my husband to sleep peacefully next to me while I was reading.  I also enjoyed that the light did not cause eye strain as I tried to stay awake long enough for "just one more chapter".

Paperback Lotion

This lotion was a wildcard because really, how do you describe the smell of a brand new book or a well loved antique book?  I can't.  I found that I didn't really care how the lotion is described because it is lovely.  It comes in a sturdy package that I feel safe keeping in my purse.  (Which my children will occasionally step all over in their haste.)  The bottle and the scent are unisex, just like the hobby of reading.  My husband, my eldest son and I all use the lotion often.  The feel of the lotion is absolutely luxurious and non greasy.  The scent is intriguing,  I keep sniffing my hands when I have it on to try and figure out what comprises the scent.  I know that everyone has their own preferences but our family greatly enjoyed this lotion and the Paperback scent.  
I once again must thank Brad from Gone Reading for his generous offer of items for review.  He is a wonderful friend in this hobby.  I hope that you will CLICK HERE to check out Gone Reading.  They have items for every reader, no matter how they read and they have great gifts for the literary minded as well.  

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